Fontanel Family Christmas -

Fontanel is pleased to announce their new label, Fontanel Records. Its inception was the brainchild of Krista Marie Oswald, member of the hot new country act THE FARM, and wife of Fontanel co-owner Marc Oswald. Krista is a constant presence on the premises, and on every visit, continues to be amazed by all the incredible talent that so many of the Fontanel employees have.

Whether it be a tour guide in the mansion serenading guests with one of their tunes or a Mandrell classic, a singing waiter at Cafe’ Fontanella, a staff member featured on the Studio Gallery stage, or someone finger picking on Prichard’s Distillery’s front porch, or even another tickling the ivories on one of the piano’s all over the property, music is everywhere at Fontanel.

Hundreds of aspiring & talented musicians move to Nashville with high hopes and dreams of one day becoming a success, and that is not so different for a number of the employees at Fontanel. So an idea was born.

“Marc & I have always been amazed by the quality & uniqueness of the talent pool at Fontanel,” stated Krista. “Everyone here is family, and we thought, what can we do to show our support & let them know how much we truly appreciate them? Then the idea hit. Start a record label that is THEIRS! From that idea, Fontanel Records was founded/conceived. “We purchased the .com immediately,” stated Krista, “set up a website & began recording our debut album! What had begun as a simple “thank you” to the staff, turned into a magical project, filled with heart & soul, pride & love. Listening to each track on the Fontanel Family Christmas album, you feel each individual’s passion & dedication… and this is only the beginning… there is no telling what will come out of this employee driven label…the creativity & drive is unparalleled, and there are no boundaries.”

“Krista immediately decided to take on the role of producer and we both were excited to empower 20 of our hard working, loyal employees to record their favorite Christmas songs on the record label’s debut album, Fontanel Family Christmas”, stated Marc Oswald. “I’m looking forward to what comes next as they begin work on the next project… As you’ve most likely heard, at Fontanel, music is always in the air.”

Fontanel Family Christmas CD’s can be purchased at The Fontanel Gift Shop, 4125 Whites Creek Pike, Nashville, TN 37189, or online at