Photo Credit Rick Diamond

Over the course of his career, Capitol Records’ award-winning singer/songwriter Dierks Bentley has given fans behind-the-scenes access on the road, in the studio and even at home. But never before have fans seen him like they will in DIERKS BENTLEY: RISER, a film documenting the ups and downs following the death of his father through the birth of his first son – the story that inspired his upcoming seventh studio album RISER.  

Fans can preview a special edit of the film exclusively on CMT on Feb. 22 at 1:00P CT, and the full length will premiere the same day on Palladia at 8:00P CT.  The project will also be available for purchase in the coming weeks. 

“The two phrases ‘touring musician’ and ‘family man’ were never meant to go hand-in-hand…it’s just hard. It really hurts your heart to walk out the door on your kids. It’s like the two loves of your life pulling at you – your family and your love of music,” said Bentley. “I wanted this album to be that deeper look at who I am and who I try to be, and so I guess it’s the same with this film too.   The first time I watched the rough edit, I actually got physically uncomfortable because it’s all in there…my whole life right there on the screen for the whole world to see.”

Director Wes Edwards and multiple film crews shadowed Bentley over the course of the last two years, logging thousands of hours of tape, which were edited down by The Moving Pictures Boys (Nashville Docujournal, The Country Club Film) to the most pivotal moments.  The film covers everything from the most quiet, pensive moments from Bentley’s bunk on the tour bus to the rush of excitement in the delivery room for the birth of his son Knox, and it’s all set to the soundtrack of the album that these events inspired. 

“I knew Dierks was a dynamic performer and charismatic guy,” said director Wes Edwards.  “But, as a filmmaker it was a challenge to try and capture a portrait of a guy with so many different aspects to his life.  He’s a guy who can bring an audience of twenty thousand to their feet and a guy you can have a beer with in a dive bar.  He’s a guy that flies his own plane but uses a kitchen trash bag for luggage.  I hope this documentary accurately captures the Dierks I’ve had the honor to get to know personally – a guy with serious work ethic, love for his family and genuine respect for the people around him.  But most of all, I hope we are able to convey a true artist at work.”

People has the first look of the film and fans can watch the trailer HERE.   

Bentley will release his seventh studio album RISER on Feb. 25. To celebrate both the new album and film, he will host screenings over the course of the next few weeks in London, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York and Toronto. For more information on the film and the new album, visit