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We have an Easton Corbin CD to give away!! This is Easton’s debut self-titled album and is fantastic. Check out our review on our website.

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Easton Corbin TV Appearances

Set your DVR’s, Easton Corbin is making his way to CMT and GAC!! See Listings below for Easton’s upcoming TV Appearances:

02.26.2010 11am ET
02.27.2010 11am ET
02.28.2010 11:30am ET

02.27.2010 1:30pm ET
02.28.2010 11am ET

02.25.2010 9:00pm ET
02.26.2010 1:00am ET
02.26.2010 1:30pm ET
02.26.2010 7:30pm ET
02.27.2010 12:30pm ET
02.28.2010 2:30pm ET
02.28.2010 9:00pm ET
03.01.2010 1:00am ET
03.04.2010 9:00pm ET
03.05.2010 1:00am ET
03.05.2010 1:30pm ET
03.05.2010 7:30pm ET
03.06.2010 12:30pm ET
03.07.2010 2:30pm ET
03.07.2010 9:00pm ET
03.08.2010 1:00am ET

03.02.2010 1pm ET
03.02.2011 9pm ET
03.02.2012 1am ET
03.05.2010 10:30pm ET
03.06.2010 2:30am ET
03.06.2010 1pm ET

Josh Turner's "Why Don't We Just Dance" Still #1

Josh Turner’s hit single “Why Don’t We Just Dance” continues to hold the #1 position on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart (3 weeks running). Haywire, Josh’s fourth studio album, debuted at #5 on the Billboard 200 chart and entered Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart at #2 – marking his third straight top 10 album.

Also announced, Alan Jackson has invited Josh Turner to be part of his Freight Train Tour kicking off April 8 in Estero, FL. “I am really looking forward to sharing the stage with Alan,” says Turner. “He has always been one of my musical heroes and I know we will be playing for a great group of country music fans during this tour.”

Easton Corbin's Debut Album

We had a chance to take a listen to Easton Corbin’s self titled debut album and all of us here at Country Music Rocks agree that this album is sure to work its way up the country charts in no time once its released. The 11 track cd includes Easton’s already well known hit “A Little More Country Than That”. Each song truly has a story that you can’t help but fall into. We anticipate more hits off Easton’s debut album! His cd hits the shelves on March 2nd, be sure to pick up a copy!!

Here is a bit more background on Easton and his new album:

Born and raised in rural Gilchrist County, Fla., Easton spent much of his time on his grandparent’s cattle farm after his parents divorced when he was young. “I lived a mile from the Suwannee River,” he says. “I grew up fishing on it and I loved to work on the farm. Every weekend, that’s where I’d be.”

A member of FFA and 4-H, Easton showed cattle at the local livestock fair. Growing up the smallest county in the state on farmland nestled between two small towns had its advantages. “It’s a close community,” he says. “Everybody knows everybody.”

Easton, whose musical influences include George Jones, Merle Haggard, George Strait and Keith Whitley, found a kindred spirit in producer Carson Chamberlain, who years earlier had toured with Whitley as his steel guitar player and bandleader. “We really hit it off,” Easton says. “I love traditional music and he does too. I knew he was the producer for me.”

Like his heroes Strait and Whitley, Easton is unapologetically country. His songs, while rooted in the present, call to mind simpler times when the back porch was where folks gathered to network. Steel guitars and fiddles are as much a part of his sound as his baritone drawl.

First single, “A Little More Country Than That,” which was written by Rory Feek, Don Poythress and Varble, paints a picture of rural life that speaks to Easton’s small town sensibilities. “Even though I didn’t write it, this song identifies who I am,” he says. “It shows character and that’s important where I’m from. You learn to say ‘yes, ma’am’ and ‘no, sir,’ and to open the door for the ladies.”

Among the songs included on the album are three Easton co-wrote with Chamberlain and Sanders during a trip to Colorado. “When I came to Nashville I realized how important it was to write songs,” Easton says. “The opportunity to sit in a room with experienced songwriters and learn their craft has helped me become a better writer.”

“I’m still working and developing as a writer, but I was fortunate enough to get some songs on the album,”
Easton says, perhaps more humble than he needs to be.

“The Way Love Looks,” which Easton co-wrote with Chamberlain and Sanders, is a love song pure and simple. “It’s just a fun upbeat song,” Easton says. “I love the line ‘when you beg and plead to go fishing with me and I have to bait your hook,’ because that’s what happens when I take my wife fishing.”

Tony Lane, David Lee and Johnny Park wrote “Roll With It,” which speaks to the important things in life like sunsets and pick-up trucks. “I love that one,” Easton says. “I can imagine listening to it just floatin’ down the river on the boat on a Saturday.”

The tender “I Can’t Love You Back,” written by Chamberlain, Clint Daniels and Jeff Hyde, has a universal message of loss. “It can mean different things for different people,” Easton says. “She could have died, she could have left him—people can interpret it the way they feel.”

Now that his life long dream is upon him, Easton says he’s ready. “I just want to make great country music,” he says. “Just the opportunity to play music for a living is a great thing. I’m just thankful to have the opportunity to do what I’m doing now.”

Bio courtesy of TakeOut Marketing

Josh Thompson's new cd "Way Out Here" Contest

Josh Thompson’s debut album Way Out Here hits the shelves tomorrow, Tuesday, February 23rd which includes his hit “Beer on the Table”.

Since the song “Beer on the Table” is about working hard all week, we want to know what you do all week to put the beer on the table!! Please leave a comment and we will pick a winner by the end of the week. Increase your chances by “working” a little bit for us and send some followers and fans our way. Just have your friends let us know who sent them our way!!

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