Lee Brice Releases “I Don’t Dance” Music Video

Lee Brice just released the music video for his beautiful new single, “I Don’t Dance.”  The song was originally written as a wedding gift to his wife Sara for their first dance on April 21, 2013. “I Don’t Dance” is the first release from his forthcoming studio album, and the single is available on iTunes HERE.

VIDEO: Lee Brice and Pepsi Get Fans Hyped With A Surprise Concert

As previously reported, Lee Brice and Pepsi got fans in Milligan, NE “Hyped for Halftime” by showing up for a surprise concert! The 275 residents of the remote community got “Hyped for Halftime” when a caravan of Pepsi trucks descended on their small farming community on January 4th.  Delivering an outdoor concert featuring country music …