One half of the band Sugarland will release her brand new album tomorrow, and “that girl” is Jennifer Nettles.  Nettles highly anticipated album, That Girl, serves as her first solo release.  “That Girl” is the first single and so happens to be the title of this breakthrough album. Of eleven eclectic tracks, Nettles cowrote ten.

The introductory track captivates the listener right off the bat. Titled “Falling,” it sweeps the listener into the season of fall, heating up when summer brings in the beat. Each time Nettles sings the word “falling,” it could be a hit of its own. In addition to the opening number, the title track deserves to be recognized as a standout. It is catchy and, with its double-claps, begs for the listener to join in. By referencing Dolly Parton’s “Jolene”, “That Girl” tells a tale of a woman who has the opportunity to be “the other woman”.

Following “That Girl,” “This Angel” can be described no other way than “beautifully poetic”. It is an acoustic piece about Nettles’ son, born just eight months ago. Picking up the pace, Nettles lets loose in the eighth track with an upbeat melody. Emphasized with playful vocal echoes, “Know You Wanna Know” is the sassiest song on the album. It is about how everybody wants to know everybody’s business.

What is most special about this album is that it is comprised of so many different genres. It’s not only full of that country twang, but it explores blues and soul as well.

To hear Nettles in all these different elements, don’t forget to pick up your copy in stores or on iTunes by clicking HERE.

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*Review by Rachel B. ~ CMR Contributor