Jonathan Jackson, the five-time Daytime EMMY award winning actor who currently plays on the ABC primetime drama Nashville, announced that he and his band Enation have signed to Loud & Proud Records.

“Jonathan Jackson is a natural performer, poet and a truly genuine person behind it all,” said Tom Lipsky, President and Owner of Loud & Proud Records. “A gifted singer, songwriter and guitarist, Jonathan surrounds himself with very talented musicians, his brother Richard and longtime bandmate Daniel. Jonathan’s words will touch many and the musicianship of Jonathan Jackson + Enation will certainly inspire. They are a truly special group of artists and Loud & Proud Records is thrilled to be their label partner. We are anxious for the world to hear and connect with their new music.”

“We’re thrilled to be signing with Loud & Proud. Tom Lipsky has an incredible vision and passion for quality, transparency and long term success for his artists,” says Jonathan Jackson. “Bands like Coldplay, U2 and Pearl Jam are great examples of artists who are dedicated to their craft but who also see their music as a vehicle for emotional and social change. They are bands who have inspired us to go beneath the surface, to create songs that are not just for entertainment but for a deeper purpose. We believe Loud & Proud understands that vision and we are excited to partner with Tom and his talented team on our brand new album.”

“We believe we have a style and sound that is unique,” says drummer and accomplished actor Richard Lee Jackson, Jonathan’s brother. “We joke and say it’s as if some of our influences like U2, Radiohead and Roy Orbison all got together and adopted a baby boy, gave it our name and then left it to fend for itself.” “It’s all about having integrity as artists,” adds bassist Daniel Sweatt.

This announcement comes on the heels of the premiere of the second season of Nashville, which debuted in September to strong ratings and rave reviews. Jackson joined the ABC hit series at its inception and the show now can be seen in more than 40 countries.