AMERICAN COUNTRY AWARD nominees Lady Antebellum, Jake Owen and Kellie Pickler are set to perform at the AMERICAN COUNTRY AWARDS (ACA) airing live from Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas Tuesday, Dec. 10 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) on FOX.

Hosted by Trace Adkins and Danica Patrick, the two-hour event will also feature appearances by Sara Evans, GLEE’s Matthew Morrison and ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons. Previously announced performers include Brad Paisley and Florida Georgia Line, and Sheryl Crow will sing with Darius Rucker. Previously announced presenters include Trevor Brazile, Shada Brazile, Cowboy Troy, Big Smo, Dan King, Scotty McCreery, Thompson Square, Chris Young, Carrie Keagan, Olivia Newton-John, Joe Nichols, Lauren Alaina, Clay Walker and Parmalee. Additional performers and presenters to be announced soon.

The two-hour live music spectacular offers country music fans the opportunity to vote for their favorite artists, not only in traditional categories, but also in a previously unrecognized area – touring – encompassing the entire spectrum of country music. 

Voting for Artist of the Year continues until Saturday, Dec. 7 at

86 replies on “Additional Performers and Presenters Announced for the 2013 American Country Awards”

    1. W e do want to see Scotty perform ,it’s about time he got to sing a whole song at one of these award shows ,he’s got such a fantastic voice

    2. Scotty has a new album out that should get some time on the award shows. “Carolina Moon” with Alison Krauss would be the highlight of the night. He deserves the time and country fans deserve something than the same O, same O.

    3. Scotty has a new album out that should get some time on the award shows. “Carolina Moon” with Alison Krauss would be the highlight of the night. He deserves the exposure and country fans deserve something other than the same artist every award show.

  1. ya’ can get rid of them all….Let Scotty do the whole show….lol,,no,,,just praying he performs

    1. So agree!! When we the rest of them realize what they are missing in Scotty? That includes country radio….

  2. Love if Scotty McCreery Would Perform love his music bought all his albums been to his concert & it was Outstanding one of the best concerts ive been to So Please have him perform Thanks

  3. Please make time for Scotty McCreery to perform. He just released his new album and it would be great to hear him perform one of his new songs! Thanks!

  4. scotty really needs to perform at the ACA’s he is an amazing performer. It would be
    an amazing treat to see him perform.

  5. Would love to see Scotty McCreery perform he has a wonderful voice. Would also love for him to get to sing a song completely through without being cut short.

  6. Scotty Mccreery is so deserving of the Breakthrough Artist. He should definitely be performing. Why do the same ones have to do the performing all the time. I do believe that there is a little click in Nashville. If Scotty doesn’t perform, there are going o be a lot of unhappy peoples!!!!!!

  7. You all need to realize how many fans LOVE SCOTTY MCCREERY. When he doesn’t perform most of us don’t watch the show. He NEEDS to perform and perform a complete song. Thank you.

    1. Nancy Totally agree, Scotty brought me back to Country Music and If he does not perform I will not watch. This return to Country Music for me has been a real eye opener. The same performers keep singing the same old songs on every award show. For Country Music to expand they need to be more open to new young talent.

  8. Scotty McCreery definitely should be performing! He has some great new songs that deserve to be heard.

  9. Hopefully MCCREERIANS outvoted others for Scotty McCreery to win Breakthrough Artist,an award he so deserves! He should be performing with his band, as well as presenting. His music and sold-out Tour Shows are fantastic .

  10. As a dedicated McCreerian, I would love to see Scotty perform at the ACAs. This young man is so talented and has an absolutely beautiful voice. Thanks!!

  11. ScottyMcCreery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Would absolutely love to see Scotty McCreery his current single “See You Tonight” on the ACA’s. Please make that a reality? 🙂

  13. I so want Scotty McCreery to sing one of his fantastic new songs on this show! Please try to make a spot for him. Thanks!

  14. Every year I record all the country award shows. That way, I can fast forward past a few performers that are on these shows a lot but I do not really want to see. I would love to see Scotty McCreery perform on the ACA show. That is a performance I would love to see.

  15. Hands down Scotty McCreery – will dvr this since I have a work think and if Scotty does not perform then I can just delete.

  16. I’m delighted that Scotty McCreery is presenting but would prefer that he perform. Hope you can make that happen.

  17. Please have Scotty McCreery perform, we have seen him five times in concert and he is the BEST!!!!

  18. I would love to see Scotty McCreery perform. He has accomplished so much and needs to have the recognition. He is as talented as any of the performers that are singing that evening.

  19. McCreerians would love to see Scotty McCreery perform! It would be the perfect place for him to perfor his new single or another song off his new album which just came out! Would make a lot of people happy if yall had him perform!

  20. Please have Scotty McCreery perform!! He is such a talented young artist and any one of the songs on his See You Tonight album would make for an outstanding performance spot.

  21. Please have Scotty McCreery perform at the ACA. He’s nominated for Breakthrough Artist and he is just awesome.

  22. Please have Scotty McCreery perform at the AMA awards. He is so awesome. The best voice ever! I didn’t even care about country music until I became of fan of his. I am 64 and he is the first fan I have ever followed. LOVE HIM! His new CD has such great songs. People need to hear him more on radio and TV.

  23. I cannot understand why these award shows do not see this young man’s amazing talent. Give him a chance. We need to hear his voice. Put him on the air as much as possible. Please, Please, Please let him sing!

  24. I too want to have Scotty performing on The American Country Music Awards. Scotty is the best. Please let it happen.

  25. Having Scotty McCreery perform would really give me something to look forward to. Just love his performances!

  26. Scotty McCreery is absolutely amazing! His voice will knock you over. Do your heart and soul a favor and listen to his music <3

  27. Scotty McCreery is the best of the young, up and coming country artists. It would be a mistake if he is not allowed to perform!

  28. Please let scotty perform, his voice is perfect for the show. He draws a big crowd, and refreshing, great singer. You will see.

  29. Take your pick of Scotty McCreery’s new songs from “See You Tonight” album and have him perform it, after he wins his award. The fans need it! He deserves it, we’ve waited far too long.

  30. Thanks for asking Scotty McCreery to be a presenter. We love to see him at the award shows. But what we REALLY want to see is him PERFORM! His new album has gotten rave reviews. No matter what song you pick from it, it would be a highlight of the show! Please let him perform! Thank you!


  32. I so want to see an announcement that Scotty McCreery will be performing on this show…he is an amazing talent with a voice like no other country artist out there now.

  33. Scotty McCreery is fantastic and should be included as a performer on the ACA Awards show. He is the most talented young man in the business. He has an outstanding voice and stage presence. My husband and I love this young man and have been to several of his concerts and plan on attending more in the future. His new album “See You Tonight” is outstanding. We cannot stop listening to it. Every song is a masterpiece. Please add Scotty to the list of performers. Thank you.

  34. Please have Scotty McCreery perform on the ACA show, best voice and wonderful young man. Truly deserving to win Breakthrough Artist

  35. It would be wonderful to see Scotty McCreery perform. His new cd See You Tonight is incredible. He is very talented and his concerts are phenomenal. He has many fans of all ages that adore him.

  36. I would love to see Scotty McCreery perform his current single, “See You Tonight.” He is an awesome performer with the BEST voice in the business, and he is SO gorgeous!!! He is a platinum/gold-selling singer/songwriter with thousands and thousands of fans who love and support him. His new album debuted at #1 Country in October; his 2013 headlining tour, Weekend Roadtrip Tour, was constantly packed/soldout! He won ACA Best New Artist 2011–He deserves to perform on this show!!!
    (I am so tired of seeing only the same people perform on every awards show! I don’t even watch anymore!)

  37. I would love to Scotty McCreery perform at the ACA Awards!!! NOBODY DESERVES IT MORE!!! Love Scotty and I am a Fan Forever!!!


  39. Hope Scotty McCreery is performing, Love this talented new country singer voice. Please let’s have a performance for the fans.

  40. Scotty mccreery is fantastic….if it’s the same ok same people performing I’ll not be watching…y’all need to give this kid a break and let us each him perform

  41. I echo the others on this thread. Scotty McCreery adds to any show. He has a fantastic voice and stage presence and range of fans that go from toddler to walker, and plenty of teen plus thrown in. The ACA’s would do well to include him as a performer.

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