The state-of-the-art Taylor Swift Education Center opened this weekend at the Country Music Hall of Fame, thanks to an incredibly generous $4 million donation Taylor made to the Hall of Fame to fund the project, the largest individual artist gift in the museum’s history.  

Taylor says, “I really love that the fans have put me in a position where I feel like I can give back more, and also to raise awareness for things that need attention: write a song for this or show up for that or donate money for this.”

She’s especially proud of the new Education Center because she says, “That’s a place where so many people from out of town come to visit Nashville, that’s one of the first places they go.  I want it to be beautiful and I want it to be really cool for kids to get to take field trips there and go visit.” 

Taylor didn’t know about the Country Music Hall of Fame when she was growing up.  She says, “I learned all about country music through what I saw on TV and the research that I did, I didn’t really know that there was a museum you could go to see all of these legends — I didn’t know that you could go to a place and see it all in person.  It’s going to be amazing, I think, for kids to get to have a place where they can go and just learn as much as they possibly can.”

The Taylor Swift Education Center is housed on two floors in the museum and features three classrooms, a learning lab and a children’s exhibit gallery.  Plus, Taylor has hinted that she would like to be involved in some of the future programs that will be offered at the center, so you never know when she may stop by.