Country star Scotty McCreery delivers his second consecutive No. 1 Billboard debut with his latest album, See You Tonight (Mercury Nashville / 19 / Interscope Records).  With more than 52,000 units sold the first week, McCreery lands at the top of the Billboard Country Albums chart and No. 6 on the Top 200. 

The sophomore album from the platinum-selling artist, produced by Mark Bright and Frank Rogers, features five songs co-written by McCreery, including the current single and title track, “See You Tonight.”

“It’s just incredible that this is my second album to debut at No. 1 on country Billboard,” shared McCreery.  “I owe so much to the fans who got me here as well as everyone in Nashville who has supported me along the way.”

McCreery began his Oct. 15 release week in New York City with a CD release party for fans at Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square followed by “See You Tonight” performances on NBC’s “TODAY Show” (view HERE) and Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” (view HERE; bonus online segment HERE – performance of “Now” at 5:15 mark).  The artist the L.A. Times now calls “a bona-fide country star,” then headed south to the home of country music to appear on Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry and included an in-store signing at the Grand Ole Opry House. 

McCreery continued his fan-centric release events with two nights at the N.C. State Fair near his hometown in Raleigh, N.C. where he played for nearly 9,000 concert-goers over the course of two nights at Dorton Arena.  Each day also included a special meet & greet release party for over 800 fans.

See You Tonight is being met with glowing reviews from the Chicago Tribune saying “Scotty delivers with refreshing introspection … I can’t recall enjoying a ‘Country’ genre album as much as Scotty McCreery’s ‘See You Tonight,’” the Associated Press stating “McCreery combines the traditional aspects of heroes Josh Turner and Randy Travis with contemporary touches brought in by producer Frank Rogers (Brad Paisley, Darius Rucker). The result shows McCreery moving into a style of his own that should win him fans beyond the “Idol” fan base,” Rolling Stone affirming McCreery will “strike a chord on either side of the Mason-Dixon,” and PEOPLE noting that McCreery is “proving once again that America got it right, the 2011 Idol champ delivers one of the fall’s best country albums.”

Next up for McCreery is a performance on NBC’s “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” this Friday, Oct. 25 (11:30 p.m. ET / 10:30 CT) before continuing on with tour dates in Ohio and Tenn.

McCreery offers three versions of See You Tonight: the standard 13-track version, a special 16-track deluxe edition, available anywhere you buy music, and an exclusive 18-track deluxe available only at Wal-Mart and

For new, photos, tour dates and more, visit  Fans can also connect with McCreery via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

7 replies on “Scotty McCreery’s Sophomore Album “See You Tonight” Debuts At No.1 On The Billboard Country Albums Chart”

  1. Thank you for the good write up. Scotty McCreery’s See You Tonight is really a MUST BUY and MUST LISTEN TO album. Every song is a gem in its own right. Worth the wait and the money.

  2. I’m an 81yr old great grandmother from East Texas. I just want to say that I haven’t seen or heard anything like this young man since the days of young Elvis. As a matter of fact, I will venture to say Scotty McCreery has the better voice than Elvis at his age. He’s something and he has something going on that the rest of the pack just does not have. Scotty McCreery is a super super star, and he is on his way believe me. Someday he will sit on the throne of country music.

  3. See You Tonight is a really great album. Scotty has a wonderful voice and the album has a mix of uptempo songs along with ballads. You can really see his growth as an artist on this album.

  4. “See You Tonight” is a wonderful album! THANKS to Scotty and his band for the GREAT MUSIC! I have the 16-track deluxe edition. My favorite song is …… all 16 of them! Hoping to see you in concert; maybe sometime in 2014.

  5. I fell in love with Scotty on Idol, but he has progressed so much farther with this new album. I have the 18 track album sold at Wal-Mart,. It is worth every dollar. All of the tracts are good, so it is hard to pick my favorite. He should have several singles out of this album. Thanks, Scotty, for the great music!

  6. Thank you good Write up on Scotty. This Album is so Good #seeyoutonight he should have several singles out of it its hard to pick just one they are all so Good so Greatful to Scotty and Frank Rogers for making such a Great Album

  7. With this album Scotty McCreery takes one giant leap toward the super star status that he is destined to achieve! There is not one spare cut on the entire album even the special Walmart 18 song cd; all the songs are winners. If you have not already purchased your own copy of See You Tonight, buy it now – you will be glad you did!

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