8 replies on “Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert Perform “We Were Us” Live For First Time”

  1. I wish Keith would’ve played more of his new songs from “Fuse” at the Mountain View show!! Otherwise, loveee this song!

  2. Such a great surprise her being there! It was amazing. Even more excited they shot the video at my favorite bar!

  3. Keith Urban is such a great person and so talented. I wish you would come to SAP Center in San Jose, CA. I saw you in Mt View, CA @ Shoreline and you were amazing. I would love to see you again, especially with Miranda Lambert. When will the video be released?

  4. I love this song. KU and Miranda sound great together! I just saw KU in Tulsa, OK and the show was awesome! Especially the way he open the show by walking out on the stage spur of the moment with the other band members with their heads down so u can’t see that it is KU and the band so at first U think they are just guys helping set up KUs equipment. All of a sudden they lift their heads and bust open playing the intro song! Everyone goes WILD with excitement!! KU plays his heart out with his guitar. He is a extremely talented musician!!

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