RPM Entertainment’s Maggie Rose recently had the honor of traveling to the Middle East to play several shows for the United States Military. Maggie spent several days touring an undisclosed military base visiting and playing her music trying to bring a little bit of “home” to our troops.

Our men and women in uniform even rolled out the red carpet for Maggie and gave her a little taste of what life is really like in a special ops K9 unit. Watch her Instagram video here: http://instagram.com/p/dRLqzJCv_V/

“It was such an amazing experience for us and an incredible honor to have the chance to entertain these men and women who sacrifice so much for our country. I got a tiny glimpse at their day to day life and am so impressed by their selflessness and dedication especially as they are so far away from their families and loved ones and putting their lives in danger every day to protect and serve their country. The pavement was burning through our shoes. I have seriously never been so hot in my life. Three of us puked, I almost passed out during soundcheck, and they’re wearing their uniforms… Mind blown.” – Maggie Rose

Maggie Rose will be joining Gary Allan and Sheryl Crow as a special guest on the FREE & EASY Tour.  Current announced dates are below:

Oct 17 – Moline, IL
Oct 18 – Terre Haute, IN
Oct 25 – Detroit, MI
Oct 26– DeKalb, IL

For more information on Maggie Rose, visit www.maggierosemusic.com