Jerrod Niemann returns to country radio with his brand new single “Drink To That All Night.” The new single serves as the debut release from his forthcoming studio album and is set to impact the country radio airwaves on October 21.

“Drink To That All Night,” written by The Warren Brothers, Lance Miller and Derek George, is a catchy song that fans will no doubt quickly embrace. Of his new single Jerrod recently shared with us, “Everybody listens to music for many reasons, but it is usually always to put you in a certain mood to go do something whether it’s dancing, laughing, crying, drinking, lovin’… This song is one of those that hopefully people will say ‘alright we are going out tonight’ and will put this [song] in and it puts you in that moment of a good state of mind for a good time that night.”

Over the course of Niemann’s releases, he has proven that there are several layers to his musical talents. “Drink To That All Night” peels back and exposes another layer of talent and ingenuity delivered brilliantly on this new single. With country music evolving so much today, Jerrod embraces the evolution with this new release. In addition to the genre evolving, fans too are evolving and this song will welcome even more fans to the country music genre.

“Drink To That All Night” is sure to be a game changer for Niemann. It is a song that will make for a great fit on country radio as well as on the country charts.

“Drink To That All Night” is available on iTunes now by clicking HERE. Be sure to pick up a copy and add it to your country playlist. Also be sure to contact your local country radio station and request Jerrod’s new single, “Drink To That All Night”.

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