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2013 has been an exciting year for country artist Jerrod Niemann.  In addition to his participation at a recent stop on the CMA Songwriters Series and his involvement with the ACM Lifting Lives Music Camp, fans will be excited to hear that Jerrod is working on new music.  In fact, Jerrod is set to release his brand new single, “Drink To That All Night” to country radio next month!  

“Drink To That All Night” serves as the first single to be released from Niemann’s forthcoming album. Of his new single, Jerrod shares with CountryMusicRocks, “Everybody listens to music for many reasons, but it is usually always to put you in a certain mood to go do something whether it’s dancing, laughing, crying, drinking, lovin’…  This song is one of those that hopefully people will say alright we are going out tonight and will put this [song] in and it puts you in that moment of a good state of mind for a good time that night.” 

“I didn’t write this song, my buddies the Warren Brothers and Lance Miller sent it to me. I saw the title “Drink To That All Night” and I thought well….. how good of a song could it be,” Jerrod laughs.  “Then I heard it and I thought wow, it was just so cool. I heard it once and I wanted to recorded it badly. My label really wanted to release it as a single.  I didn’t know what they would go for and what they wouldn’t just because it is a different kind of song once you hear it. So I’m excited!”

When we asked Jerrod if he had to drink all night, what his drink of choice would be.  His answer was simple, “The next one!”  While that may be true, Jerrod did go on to reveal his drink of choice, “You know, I know it’s pretty cliche but the truth is – Jack Daniels.  You just can’t go wrong with Jack Daniels.”

Jerrod’s new single, which you can hear a sneak peek of here, has a different sound than his previous singles.  When asked if it sets the tone for the new music ahead on his third studio album, Niemann indicated, “Yeah, I think so. This is getting back to country music that we got into the game with.  I think this will definitely, hopefully, be a good follow up record. I wrote most of the songs with friends that I’ve known for a long time, and it always seems to be more of a natural process.  All these songs keep coming together, I only have like four songs left to record. It’s really coming together pretty quickly. “

Last week on September 11, Niemann participated in the CMA Songwriters Series at its first showcase in Austin, TX.  Jerrod joined the stage with his buddies Lee Brice and Randy Houser as well as Bob DiPiero. Of this event Jerrod told CountryMusicRocks, “It was awesome. It was just amazing to watch everybody come into their own. When you think that someone couldn’t possibly get any better, there’s better. It was great to listen to those guys and I had the best seat in the house right on stage with them. We love being part of our community and of course the CMA, it is a huge honor.”

Earlier his summer Jerrod got an opportunity to participate in the ACM Lifting Lives Music Camp. Niemann and his good friend Lance Miller led the campers in a songwriting session that resulted in a new song, “Living On Island Time,” which they performed live at the Grand Ole Opry (watch here).  Of this experience Jerrod shared with us, “You know, when you say ‘yeah I’ll definitely try that out’, you don’t really know what your getting in to because your going to have to write a song with 40 people. You could take 40 songwriters in Nashville and that would never get done.” 

“It was great to see their passion,” Jerrod continues. “They were throwing out lines that were great and we were laughing and having fun.  I didn’t know what to expect so I think that was part of my experience. The creative processes of the songwriting, and my buddy Lance Miller joined us, and then to have the chance to sing at the Grand Ole Opry together with them – those are the moments.  You get in to country music  because one day you want to sing at the Grand Ole Opry, but you don’t realize you get into music for moments like that until you experience it. I’m so glad that I got to be a part of that.”

Jerrod’s new single, “Drink To That All Night,” will be available on October 1. Until then, keep up with Jerrod Niemann by visiting his Official Website, Like him on Facebook and Follow him on Twitter.

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