Country Newcomer Morgan Frazier tackles the important issue of bullying with her new single, “Hey Bully.”  Partnering with Stand for the Silent (SFTS), Frazier’s new single helps bring awareness to the issue that is sadly becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society. 

Bullying is a serious issues and often times goes unnoticed.  Morgan Frazier delivers a message that is powerful and deep.  She addresses the bully directly throughout the song with strong lyrics such as, Why, Why you wanna make me cry/You don’t even know who I am/If you gave me half a chance/We just might have been friends…  The song is certain to make an impact on listeners and will no doubt resonate.  Fingers crossed that this song reaches those it is directed to, and that it touches their heart, mind and soul. Music is a powerful tool and Morgan definitely makes her mark, as well as a makes as a difference, with this track.

Morgan Frazier co-wrote the new single with Sherrie Austin and Tiffany Goss.  As kids gear up for the return of back to school, the release of “Hey Bully” comes out with perfect timing.

“Hey Bully” is set for release on August 27.  Download your copy on iTunes by clicking HERE.

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