Country Music superstar Randy Travis has been hospitalized and is reported to be in critical condition.

According to his publicist, Travis, 54, was admitted to a hospital in Texas on Sunday, July 7, due to complications of recently acquired viral cardiomyopathy.  No further information is available at this time.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Randy Travis and his family & friends during this difficult time. 

3 replies on “Randy Travis Hospitalized, Listed In Critical Condition”

  1. My prayers go out to Randy and his family. May God bless you and place his arms around you and make you whole. with him all things are possible. You will remane in my prayers.

  2. we all our sending our prayers for you randy and your family only the best wishes for you at this time from your fans inn iron city tn. we love you get well soon

  3. This is an awful thing but I know he has had health problems. This is something that usually comes up all of a sudden, though. One of my very best friends lost her son at 27 to a virus getting around his heart. He just got sicker and sicker and just eating up his body. The Bird Flu was thrown around as the diagnosis but they did not know. He ended up having a pace maker put in, in and out of the hospital all the time, his mother having to watch him get weaker and weaker and could not walk but a few steps. It was a terrible thing to see my friend go through this and, of course, she still has bad times. We all know that Randy has been in custody for open drunkenness, DUI, and such but this does seem like a altogether different sickness. I do pray for he and his family. If he had more weight on him, he could fight it better. I have to say, this is the best picture I’ve ever seen of him. His suit is very nice and looks good on him. I think it’s great that all the country singers/family’s coming out in open comments and praying for him. They do seem to gather around when there’s a tragedy or death, and seem to be very caring and giving in a situation like this. I know his family appreciate all of the response. Thank you for letting me respond, Beth Blachier

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