As country superstar Keith Urban kicks off his first outdoor summer tour this week, fans will be able to hear his music in a new line of sound cards now playing in the aisles of select Hallmark Gold Crown® stores.

The collection includes 12 cards and ranges from celebrating birthdays and friendship, to lending support, love, encouragement and more. Priced at $4.99, each card in the line features a 15-second sound clip from some of Urban’s top songs such as “Long, Hot Summer” and “Sweet Thing” – two of his 14 No. 1 singles.

“For me, a card, like music, has the ability to make an emotional connection,” said Keith Urban. “I love knowing that these cards, and my music, will mark such meaningful moments in so many people’s lives!”

“Keith’s songs are often about enjoying the here and now,” said Angela Ensminger, editorial director at Hallmark. “We loved using those messages of taking time to stop, reflect and feel good about how far you’ve come. Using his lyrics as inspiration, we aimed to write cards that would solicit the same emotions as their soundtracks.”

Like Urban’s musical collection, Hallmark writers incorporated a range of styles and sounds into the cards that reflect a variety of life’s moments from celebrating birthdays to supporting loved ones during difficult times. The cards feature warm colors on textured backgrounds highlighted with simple images.

Hallmark Keith Urban sound cards are available at Hallmark Gold Crown® stores. Visit to find the nearest Hallmark Gold Crown store.

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  1. awesome! I won a Taylor Swift’s card prize from her hallmark collection several years ago worth hundreds of $$$, Keith s/h have a give away too!!

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