Frankie Ballard is set to make his return to country radio with “Helluva Life.”  The new single impacts radio airwaves on July 29, and serves as a solid introduction to his forthcoming sophomore album. 

Written by Rodney Clawson, Chris Tompkins and Josh Kear, “Helluva Life”  will resonate with listeners from start to finish.  Frankie’s delivery, coupled with a brilliant melody and catchy chorus, make for a standout song. With memorable lyrics such as, bad times make the good times better, the new single is a great reminder to reflect back and realize it truly is a helluva life. 

“Helluva Life” is a helluva song and deserves a consistent spot on county radio airwaves, as well as on the country charts. Keep your ears tuned in and eyes on Frankie Ballard, he is one to watch in the coming months. 

Grab your copy of “Helluva Life” on iTunes now by clicking HERE.  Also be sure to request his new single at your favorite country radio station!

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