Johnny Cash is an icon across all genres. His music, spirit and inspiration still lives strong.  The city of Nashville recently gained another piece of history as The Johnny Cash Museum opened downtown on 119 Third Avenue South.  The museum is full of history about The Man In Black from his childhood all the way through to the last song he wrote only days before his passing.

The instruments, documents, furniture, awards, etc… in The Johnny Cash Museum are all in pristine condition. Each section of the museum tells a story and reveals a piece about Cash that you may not have known The attention to detail throughout the museum does not go unnoticed, nor does Johnny’s love for June.  The museum includes a Valentine’s heart from 1998 where Johnny wrote “June, My Love, My Life For Life – Johnny Cash,”  as well as a  poem he wrote following June’s burial.

The Johnny Cash Museum is definitely a place to visit while in Nashville.  As soon as you walk in the museum and are greeted with “Hi, I’m Johnny Cash,” you are in for an experience that you won’t soon forget.

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