Papas just don’t come much prouder than Jake Owen, who’ll be enjoying his first Father’s Day since his wife Lacey gave birth to their daughter, Pearl, last Thanksgiving. It wasn’t so long ago that Jake might not have believed that his life would be where it is today, but with a smartphone full of photos of his little girl, Jake is ready for a very happy Father’s Day.

“My whole entire cell phone went from pictures of my dog and, like, pictures of my truck and my boat in the water and bein’ out on the lake to now every picture in my phone is a picture of Pearl.” Jake laughs. And it’s funny ’cause people say, ‘Do you have any photos of her?’ And I’ll spend the next, you know, fifteen, twenty minutes just thumb-scrolling through my iPhone to show them pictures of my little girl. It’s pretty bad, actually, but I’m proud of her. I like showin’ her off.”

Jake Owen says that his life has changed fast, but in the most awesome ways. “I didn’t think that, a couple years ago, that if someone would have said, ‘Hey, man, in two years, you’re gonna be a dad, and you’re gonna have your first Father’s Day with your little girl who’s laughing and smiling every morning when she wakes up lookin’ at you,’ I don’t know if I would’ve believed them, but you know, you never know. Things happen quickly in life, and here we are, two years later, and my wife and I have a little girl, and it’s pretty awesome. There’s nothing more fulfilling than bein’ a dad. That’s for sure.”

Jake is currently rockin’ country radio with his fourth single, “Anywhere With You,” from hit album Barefoot Blue Jean Night.  Pick up a copy at a retail store near you, or on iTunes HERE.

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