Brett Eldredge just recently wrapped up 19-dates on Taylor Swift’s RED Tour.  His part of the tour may be over, but the experience he had is certainly long lasting. Each night on the RED Tour, Eldredge showcased new music from his forthcoming debut album, set for release August 6, and includes current hit single “Don’t Ya.”

We caught up with Brett Eldredge and talked about his experience on touring with Taylor Swift.  Touring with Taylor Swift has to be one of the most entertaining and also learning experience of my entire life” Brett shared. “I got to see how big it can get.  Taylor’s crew is just incredible, from the way they treated us to how organized it was.  There was the best catering in the world! We’re eating salmon and all this fancy food. They treat you so good.”

Eldredge gained a lot of knowledge throughout his time on the RED Tour.  “I learned how to treat people and I learned how to treat the fans.  I watched Taylor every night connect with her fans on an unbelievable level. It’s crazy to see how well she connects with her fans and how much she cares about that. I think that is an important thing that you can never be reminded enough about.”  Brett continues,  “I learned a lot about that and I learned how cool it was to go out every night for 20 minutes and sing in front of at least 10,000 people every night.  We even played a stadium that was 50,000.  Watching her show and seeing the spectacle of what her show is, and the experience of that, it inspires you to have a little part of that show and be able to go up there 20 minutes every night and sing songs that I wrote and people listened.  She supports me and they [the fans] love her.  If she supports you, then they’re going to support you.  It’s a great experience to be able to have that.  I had a blast.”

While there were several standout moments on tour with Taylor Swift, Brett shared with us about a moment that he took in while at Ford Field in Detroit. “We were at the stadium in Detroit. This is a place that makes you feel like an ant in an ant farm when you go out there. It’s a huge, huge, huge place” Brett shared. “It blows my mind that you go into these arenas and stadiums every night and there is more people in that room at that time than there were in the town that I grew up in. There were 9,000 people in my town and every night there were at least 10,000 people in the arenas. It’s just so cool to experience that.”

Eldredge continues, “I remember when I was in Detroit and I went up and sat at the top, the very top of the arena, and I took a picture of my feet overlooking the whole arena. I sat up there taking it in, and in three hours this empty stadium is going to be full with 50,000 people.  When I went onstage I looked way up there at that top seat and I thought ‘I was just in it a little bit ago and look how many people are here in this place.’ It’s just so cool to have an opportunity to do that, such a special opportunity. I never want to lose that magic feeling of being up on that stage.  The tour allowed me to have some really magic experiences and I loved it.”

Brett Eldredge will continue to showcase new music from his forthcoming debut album at shows throughout the summer.  For a list of tour dates, please click HERE.  Brett’s current hit new single “Don’t Ya” is available now, be sure to pick up your copy HERE.

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