Singer-songwriter Toby Keith makes the first stop of his 11-day, three-country tour in the Philippines on April 28. While in the region, Keith greeted troops at various JSOC military bases and performed his first 2013 USO concert. At left, Keith performs his acoustic show with Scotty Emerick. (USO photos by Dave Gatley / Produced by Christian Pelusi)

Superstar Toby Keith thanks troops and their families with a three-country, 10-day USO tour April 28-May 7. Keith is visiting the Philippines, Guam and Hawaii to lift the spirits of troops and their loved ones.

Since his first USO tour in 2002, Keith has performed 11 USO tours and traveled to 15 countries plus the USS Enterprise, USS Abraham Lincoln and USS Cape Saint George. In total, the singer-songwriter has lifted the spirits of 225,984 servicemen and women.

During the tour, the singer/songwriter is scheduled to perform seven USO shows exclusively for military families.

(USO photos by Dave Gatley / Produced by Christian Pelusi)

“It feels so good to be back out visiting and performing for our troops in uniform and their families,” Keith said. “I’ve toured a lot in my lifetime but nothing beats traveling with the USO, having the opportunity to uplift the spirits of our nation’s service heroes and showing them that America is always by their side no matter where they are in the world.”

(USO photos by Dave Gatley / Produced by Christian Pelusi)

This summer, Keith will hit the road on the “Toby Keith Hammer Down Tour Presented by Ford F-Series.” The tour will begin June 8 in Ozark, AR.

(USO photos by Dave Gatley / Produced by Christian Pelusi)

The troops applaud Keith and Emerick as they entertain on April 28. Last year, Keith celebrated a decade of touring the globe with the USO and capped off the year with a return USO visit to the Middle East.

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  1. You are the best in country music I think.I will always listen to you and your music over anything else or another singer.

  2. our son Dennis E. Bruns went to 2 wars was given the Bronz star with a V for valor and the last tour to Liberation Irac he wrote and sent you a song ”he never heard from you he was so dissapointed ”don’t get me wrong we salute what you do for our troops ”he was at the peak of war when his little boy was born he was named after his school friend who was wasn’t as lucky in the 1st war in saudie arabia”’he lost his job when he came back from Irac p.t.s. he is coping and its been hard”when are you coming to the nevada or laughlin area? sincerly a loving momma or as they say in the south Memaw


  4. Thanks Toby for what you are doing for our Troops.I have a son in Afgranistan now with the U.S.Marines..Althought your not going there.I love you Toby and your music.Again THANK YOU.

  5. A year ago this month my oldest son was stationed in Africa, you visited the troops from ALL branches. He is still currently serving in the Air Force ( 20 years now) and he does love him some coutry music. He also knows his momma loves her some Toby Keith ( well his music that is). I just wanted to *Thank You* and yours, for the time you spend entertaining OUR men & women serving this Great country. My son had his picture made with you , as I am sure many do. Something I’m sure he will appreciate for many years to come. Thank You Mr. Keith & God Bless


  6. Toby I wish u could have come to Desert Storm. U r the Man. I am behind u 100%. God has sent you to do this uplift for our troops.

  7. You are the best, Toby. Thank you for entertaining our beloved troops!!!!

  8. I love Hope on the rocks and really enjoyed the vidio. You seemed so relaxed and comfortable in the vidio. Love you like a Rock (FOREVER). Love your new cleaner look. Bout time to show some face!!!!!!!

  9. Toby Keith, is like the Bob Hope of years gone by, this what I think. A true American who cares about the young men and women fighting for our freedom. GOD BLESS AMERICA and Toby Keith for his service to OUR TROOPS.

  10. It is so great what you do for our troops. As the daughter of a WWII and Korea veteran (disabled air force retiree now buried in Arlington National Cemetery) and wife of retired navy veteran (vietnam). It is wonderful to hear of someone who does so much for our troops. Good Job. I love your music.

  11. you made those guys feel so special which they are and so are you.u have a great selection of songs keep up the good songs

  12. Thank You Toby for supporting the troops and entertaining them. Please tell the troops how much we appreciate them. Big shout out to them from Michigan

  13. Toby, that’s you so much for supporting our Troops !! My son is Stationed in Hawaii And was attending your concert . This a wonder and beautiful thing you do !! Thanks again so much !!

  14. thanks neighbor for supportin our troops i live down the road from u west of hollywood corners if u get to germany my son is at schwienfurt army garrison maybe he can get over to see ya there, i too graduated from moore high sch on eastern keep up the good work buddy…

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