Kellie Pickler has been hard at work this season on Dancing With The Stars. Night #2 of the season finale for Season 16 is tonight, and Pickler is a remaining finalist. Kellie performed an outstanding number last night with her partner Derek Hough.  The “super size freestyle” routine wowed the judges as well as viewers all across the nation. Regardless if you have been watching this season, watch below as this performance is a must-see. Tune-In tonight to Dancing With The Stars on ABC to see if Kellie Pickler takes the win.

11 replies on “Kellie Pickler Performed Amazing Routine On Season Finale Of Dancing With The Stars”

  1. That dance was simply amazing! I have never seen one so beautiful! Congratulations Kelly & Derek!

  2. Kellie and Derek deserve the win! Kellie has amazing raw talent and flexibility, and Derek is a very creative choreographer. They were really in sync the whole time and made the perfect team.

  3. Kellie to not have any dance experience, and in this season of dancing with the stars, she quickly learned from the Professional Derek Hough how to ballroom dance. Kellie & Derek were outstanding in all their dances. But the free style dance really set the bar high for them. This dance told the story in all there moves of Love, Compassion, and from the Heart of a Romance. Congratulation to Kellie & Derek for the win, and both worked so hard and performed so well which paid off.

  4. wow way to go Kellie, we knew Derek could dance but you were right there in his league.

  5. Derek you are one great partner and dancer!!!! You to make magic together on that dance floor!!

  6. Wow…what an amazing dance…shows so much “working as a team”…totally loved it and thrilled that they won…totally thrilled. they deserved it.

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