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Country newcomer Rachel Farley is quickly making a distinct impression on country music.  Signed with Red Bow Records, Farley released her debut single “Ain’t Easy” earlier this year and was the most added song on country radio during release week. We caught up with Rachel to discuss her new single, forthcoming debut album, CMA Music Festival and much more!

Of her debut single Rachel tells us, “Ain’t Easy, I feel like, is a perfect introduction to me and my music, and what to expect from here on out.  The song is really autobiographical, so I felt like that was the right choice for the first single so everybody could get to know me as an artist.” 

Rachel is gearing up to release her debut album this year on Red Bow Records, and she shared some insight with us about her album. “This album, I’m so excited about it.  We started recording this album in 2010 and I had the first ten songs together, but it was never released. I came over to Red Bow Records and we added six more songs to this record and I feel like it really covers a lot of ground. There are a lot of stories being told on this record and I am excited to get it out there finally. It’s been two years in the making, so its time!”

Rachel Farley is not only a talented singer, but also a talented songwriter as she wrote/co-wrote all the songs for her debut album.  When asked if selecting songs for her album was difficult she told us, “You know, it actually came pretty easy. I think it was pretty obvious which songs fit in with this record and what I wanted the first impression to be. We have a good group of songs here on this record and I hope everybody enjoys them.”

The highly anticipated CMA Music Festival is right around the corner and Rachel Farley will be making her debut on the Chevy Riverfront Stage.  “I am pumped about Riverfront!” Rachel tells us. “I’ve gone to CMA Fest as a fan for years and progressively got to play at bigger and bigger stages every year. I’ve always wanted to play the Riverfront Stage. It’s the hottest stage they have at CMA Fest, it’s always just hotter there than anywhere else in the whole city.  It always has this great energy right there on the water and I’ve always wanted to be up there.  I’m really excited that I finally got to move up to the Riverfront.”

Rachel Farley is no stranger to the concert stage.  Last year she was on Jason Aldean‘s My Kinda Party Tour which also featured Luke Bryan.  Of this experience, Rachel said “I learned so much from those guys. They are just superstars.”  Rachel continued, “It was so awesome to be on tour with them and get watch them perform every night & lay their hearts on the line right there on the stage every single night. I also watched how they both run their organizations and the things that go on backstage. I think Jason’s band and crew really have it together. You learn a lot, things you want to take from their organizations and apply to your own. I learned a lot about what I’d like to apply to my career from what they do on stage as well as off stage.”

In addition to touring with Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan, Farley also toured with Brantley Gilbert starting at the young age of 13.  “Brantley has been a huge mentor to me and a great friend. I absolutely adore him. We spent a few years out on the road together and he really kinda put me under his wing those years I spent opening for him. I learned a lot about performing, a lot about songwriting. We’ve been writing together for the last few years. He’s a brilliant entertainer and an absolutely brilliant songwriter. He’s my favorite songwriter hands down. I’ve been blessed to kinda get to grow up around him, and around people like that, and learned a lot that I apply to my own career.”

2013 has been a great year for Rachel Farley so far. Not only did the country newcomer release her debut single to country radio, but she also made her Grand Ole Opry debut.  Of this moment Rachel shared, “I really slowed down that night because I knew everybody who has been on the Opry before said it just flies by. You’ve got two songs and before you know it, it’s over. Everybody was like really take the time to slow down and enjoy it. I really tried to soak in every minute. The Opry is so important to me and it has always been a big goal of mine to get to play there. I never expected to a get a phone call and get invited to play the Opry two days after my single was released. It came so quickly and I was in total shock getting that phone call. I was trying not to cry because I was on my way to a show and I was trying to keep it together, which I didn’t, I failed at that. It was completely surreal. I’m still not completely convinced it happened.  I would definitely love to be back on the Opry again.”

CMT named Rachel Farley as one of the Next Women of Country for 2013. To be included on this list Rachel said, “That is so cool. It is such a huge honor to be included on that list of women. It means a lot.”

Speaking of women in country, Farley shared with us one of her female country influences. “My whole life Martina McBride has been a huge influence on me. I think she is an incredible vocalist and such a good person. As a person, as an artist and as a singer she is such inspiration to other female artists coming up in the business.”

Music is consistently evolving. We asked Rachel Farley what she think sets country music apart and she shared with us, “I think country music has such a wide variety of music within the genre. It’s so fun, you’ve got little pieces of everybody’s influences. I feel like we are so open to being influenced by every style of music and you can really hear that when you turn the radio on. It’s exciting to hear how country music is always changing, yet there is always a part of  it that stays the same.”

Having some fun in our interview, we asked Rachel 5 Quick Questions where she had to answer using the first thing that came to mind.

  1. You can’t go a day without? My cell phone
  2. If you could only have 1 album loaded on your ipod, what would it be? at the moment it would be Alanis Morissette Jagged Little Pill
  3. Famous person you would love to get a shoutout from on Facebook or Twitter? P!nk
  4. One thing your fans might be surprised to know about? I’m a total nerd. I’m a complete and total nerd.
  5. When you think of Country Music, what is the first thing that comes to mind? My whole life

Rachel Farley is definitely one to keep your ears tuned and eyes on.  She has a bright future ahead in country music.  Be sure to request her debut single “Ain’t Easy” on country radio and pick up a copy on iTunes by clicking HERE.

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