Illustrating the continuity between its original and current coaches lineup, “The Voice” will bring back Christina Aguilera, CeeLo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton for its fifth cycle in fall and will pair Levine and Shelton with Shakira and Usher for the sixth cycle in midseason.  Carson Daly will return as host for both cycles. 

The announcement was made by Paul Telegdy, President of Alternative and Late Night Programming, NBC Entertainment.

“We locked in a plan several months ago to have the outstanding Christina Aguilera and CeeLo Green rejoin Blake and Adam for cycle 5, and we’re pleased to announce that the original four coaches are going to be back together in the fall,” said Telegdy. “They’re the reason this show was launched so strong for the first three cycles and we owe them a debt of gratitude. And after careful consideration of everyone’s schedules for next spring, we are excited to be returning the current cycle of coaches — Shakira and Usher along with Blake and Adam — for cycle 6, which will premiere after the Winter Olympics.”

“We’re very fortunate to have these six incredible artists to weave in and out of the show as their performing and recording schedules permit,” said NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt. “The show has taken off largely due to the rapport and commitment of these great coaches, in addition to the expert hosting of Carson Daly.”

“I am so thrilled that our Voice family has grown from four coaches to six,” said executive producer Mark Burnett. This show thrives on the ability of our coaches to continue to balance their enormous music careers with working on The Voice to coach some of the best undiscovered talent in America. The coaching panel of Christina, CeeLo, Adam and Blake was at the heart of this show in its first three seasons and we are so lucky to have found equal success with Shakira and Usher in season four.  Our best seasons are ahead of us.”

Shelton, Levine, Green and Aguilera were the coaches for the first three seasons of “The Voice,” and helped establish the musical competition series as a dominant ratings force. Shakira and Usher have only built on that, continuing to make “The Voice” a Nielsen hit.

Shakira and Usher will reteam with Shelton and Levine in midseason. The show will receive plenty of promotional pop during NBC’s coverage of the February Winter Olympics from Sochi, Russia.

“To a purist, Mr. Shelton is a savvy student of tradition. To a would-be outlaw, he’s forever adding a wink. He’s a star who is only as explicit as you want him to be,” said Jon Caramanica, The New York Times. Shelton’s passion for country music and his commitment to mentoring his teammates from “The Voice” make him an incredible ambassador for country music. Shelton kicks off his “Ten Times Crazier Tour” July 19 in Virginia Beach, Va. For additional dates, visit:

The show’s innovative format features four stages of competition: the first begins with the blind audition, then the battle round, the brand new knockouts and finally, the live performance shows.

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134 replies on “Blake Shelton To Return To NBC’s “The Voice” In The Fall For Season 5”

  1. love The Voice, Blake is awesome along with all the other judges, so glad to hear Christina and CeeLo will be back!

  2. Love Blake I enjoy all of them, Adam, Christina and CeeLo. Was worried when Shakira and Usher joined but they are doing an excellent job filling in. Glad they will have all 6 coaches Love the show.

  3. I like the combination of coaches you have now. Shakira and Usher are much better than Christina and CeeLO. Just saying. I also watch American Idol and knew their ratings would fall with Nikki.

    1. I agree with you for the most part. I obviously don’t mind Christina and Cee-Lo like you do. I disagree with you about why Idol has fallen in the ratings. To me it has become nothing about the singers and more about the judges. I think anyone you put in there is going to have trouble. I really think Idol will have more trouble next season because Randy Jackson isn’t coming back. (I had it on last night cuz I didn’t have anything else to listen to).

    2. I have been a major Keith Urban fan for years and started watching Idol because he was on it. Unfornately, I STOPPED watching it because of Nikki

    3. I didn’t like Nikki either. She ruined that show. I like all the rest of them and at least it is better than American Idol. Much better show.

    4. I agree, I couldn’t get myself to watch American idol. Started several times and had to shut it off because of Nikki.

    5. I so agree with you…love, love, love…Keith Urban, and feel he is the “shining star” on the show. I also know if Nikki is on next season,I won’t be watching….she was just so rude to her fellow judges…she needs a lesson in respect.

    6. Keith Urban was great, bring Paula back, and add Adam Lambert
      They would be great judges and they are all successful artists themselves.

    7. Agree that Usher are better by miles than Aguilera and Green….She is self serving he seemed completely disconnected last time up. The new team were self confident bunch that had a cohesion thats lacking in both the old team and “American Idrool”

    8. I agree. I think that Usher and Shakira totally stole the show and were so diligent in the advice they gave the contestants. Ushr and Sharkira complimented Adam and Blake. I was definitely hoping to see them around for awhile.
      Green and Aguilera did not seem to engage with the contestants and felt they left all the work to the contestants.

    9. I agree. Shakira and Usher were great….Green and Aguilera are boring and not at all fun. Too bad this season was probably the best. I don’t think the chemistry will happen like that again.

    10. I think 5 of the judges do a great job and take it very serious. Christina however, it is all about showing her breast to the world. My 6 year old grandson watches that show with me, I think she is inappropriate. And then the night she forgot her pants!! Really!! Not so bad if you built to be naked, she is not!

    11. I totally agree. Christina needs to button up those blouses or buy a size that actually fits. Shakira is in a league all her own Classy all the way. Love Usher and Adam, and my favorite is Blake. Ceelo can stay as long as his animals stay home.

    12. I so agree…Shakira is wonderful! The Voice could easily do without Christina…She is pompous and not worth the money. I just ignore her…She’s the only down part to the show. Love all the others!

  4. Love the show ! So nice to watch positive help instead of neg. Do not watch other shows like this because they do not have helpful role models.
    Really have enjoyed Usher and Shakira . Blake and Adam are great entertainment. Keep up the good work !

  5. I loved the energy Shakira and Usher brought. It was so much fun. My husband and I really loved the four this year. Blake, Adam, Shakira and Usher are a winning team.


    2. I love love love Shakira and Usher. Shakira is so much more nicer to the contestants then Christina is. And Shakira dresses alot better then Christina. And you can tell that Shakira really enjoys doing this show. Usher has brought a different spin on coaching, which you can see why he has been so successful in his own career. Usher is a true professional. And of course, Blake and Adam are awesome.

    3. I agree whole heartedly with these remarks. Love the way Usher coaches his team. These four coaches seem to get along much better and have so much fun and love. The interact much better together. Going to miss Usher’s smile.

    4. I Agree I loved Shakira she was awesome! and she really did care,she has a sense of humor,even Usher thet seemed to all get along.Can’t wait till cycle 6 when they return

    5. I so agree, agree, agree, agree, agree, agree, agree, to all 7 of you!!!!! Xtina must go!!!!!

    1. That was the best season Hoping they would keep the same judges instead of going back to the originals. So sad

  6. glad to hear usher nd shakira will be back, loved their coaching and thei personalities!

    1. I love Blake, so happy you will be back!!! Christina is another subject, she needs to wear clothes that fit her. Maybe a bigger size would be the answer.

  7. Love the show . All six coaches are super. But I love Blake and Adam’s playful acts of dis like of thier county and rock back grounds.

    1. Blake makes the show, he and Adam play off of each other and Blake just know how to do that. Christina is too much into her boobs, she has no class when it comes to dressing for this show. You have kids from the age of 9 on up watching this show, and they should not have boobs put in there face. I believe Blake even told her one time to cover up. I am glad that Usher and Sharika are coming back.

  8. I totally fell in love with this show this year mainly because of Shakira & Usher and how well they blend with in Blake & Adam. Why change a good thing??

  9. super happy that Blake will be back for the next season of the Voice. He makes the show a happening place and makes it interesting to watch.

  10. Glad that Blake will be back for the next season…he brings a lot of good humor and a lot of good ole fashion compassion to the contestants.

  11. I am so addictd to THE VOICE! Love the coaches..ALL of them! I just want to say thanks to NBC for finally giving us a truly wonderful show worth watching!

    1. i am a 62 year old and have watched the show since it started this year was so good loved the new coaches love love love wont be that good without them you could tell they all liked each other dont want to see enymore boobs and watch celo acts like a sex addict

  12. We are all entitled to how we feel. I have to say that I prefer the show with Shakira and Usher. The personalities of these two individuals are such a refreshing change compared to the ” more about the looks” that I hate to see come back. The ratings are also better in case you haven’t noticed Mr. Burnett. Oh well, at least Adam and Blake will be there, thank god.

  13. Please Shakira and Usher must stay without them the show would not be the same.

    1. Yes, Shakira & Usher are more fun to watch than CeeLo & Christina were.

    2. Please don’t change them. No one wants to see boobs that hang out of a cat or bird on the show. Don’t watch idol anymore cause this season of voice was 100% and now you’re bringing back the others Really???????

  14. I like the show they all get along and make it funny but yet are serious with the singers and give there all and pick at each other and make it funny for us great show

  15. Show is much better with Usher and Shakira. Love how well they just seemed to fit in from the first. Please keep them full time. Love Blake and Adam too.

    1. Christina is over rated and never heard of Ceelo before the show. This season was so much better with the new group. Shakira and Usher have way more class, love Adam and Blake.

  16. No not Christina! This season with Usher & Shakira is much better! Keep them!

  17. I stopped watching the show because I didn’t like Christina Aguilera. (I love her voice, especially when she sings blues, but don’t like her personality). I started watching the show again this season. I’ve always loved Blake Shelton. I think Usher and Shakira made the show so much better! They genuinely care about the singers. This season’s coaches were the best ever! I prefer that the focus be on the talent, not on the judges.

  18. I LOVE the addition of Shakira and Usher. I find them to be so much more grounded and generally more connected to Adam and Blake. Christina is too full of her self and Ceelo just plain gives me the creeps the way he interacts with the female acts. I won’t be watching nearly as much next season because I don’t like the 2 of them. Yes, the show should be about the talent but these two make it about themselves. I would love it if Shakira and Usher would just stay as judges. I knew who Blake was and learned who everyone else was. Didn’t like Ceelo or Christina from the get go but loved Adam right away. Now I love all 4 of the current judges!

  19. I have always enjoyed the show. The 2 new judges brought more life and personality which is great. Glad to hear the other judges are coming back.
    I can’t wait to see how the new lineup work with the judges.
    The talent keeps getting better, please keep up all of the good work.

  20. Totally happy that Blake will be back again, as well as Adam and Carson. Much preferred this season with Shakira and Usher and wish it would stay that way, however, if it HAS to be, I am glad that they will return in season 6. Please keep them coming back at least every other season. Christina and Cee Lo are too interested in being showy, themselves. I DO love the show.

  21. This was the best season yet. Usher and Shakira brought a much needed energy to the show. I don’t want to see Christina and CeeLo back. She is just so full of herself and he gives me the creeps. Besides which they don’t have the same “je ne sais quoi” and they give the show a whole different feel.

  22. It is sad that those two are coming back. Celo makes to many comments about sex to the girls looks at them as yhay are meat in a meat market. He is lucky he is not sued over some of them. My Grand daughter wants to try out but if those two are coming back i will turn her to other show. Christina is just trash and should not be in charge of training any one. Hell she can’t even train herself. Usher and Shakira brought some class to the show, Glad that Blake and Adam are staying between the 4 of them this was the best year ever
    . Please don’t bring those two back.

    1. So right nina. I really hate to see those two back. Usher and Shakira are so much better.

    2. I agree with you on Celo; but the last season Christina was on she was going through a painful time in her life. Its not easy to go through a break up. She needed the time to reinvent her life again. I’m curious to see what came out of the changes in her life.

    3. Hopefully clothes, she wants to be sexy, however she comes off being trashy, I hope that has changed. As for as CeeLo he acts like he could devour the women, gives me the creeps. I hope he is much more professional now, I hope they have watch the show and see how it is suppose to work and maybe they have learned something.

  23. I love the show this season I’m going to miss Shakira and Usher they added so much class to the show but as long as I know they’re coming back I’ll keep watching love Blake, great person and sooo handsome and of course Adam he is just awesome. Thank you for finally giving us a show with class!!!!

  24. So much more Class

    in this season.Judges who actually care about the contestants.The difference in the coaching styles (which are ALL great) make it so much more interesting.Shakira who is so beautiful does not try to draw the attention to herself, what a change there. Usher with his laid back attitude,seems to be completely focused on what to bring out in each contestant. ADAM you ROCK as always!!! But BLAKE you the man!!!!!Love this season, best yet.

  25. This season on the voice has been the best!!!! Five stars to Shakira and Usher! I felt that Shakira and Usher did a great job being coaches, such professelism and I really enjoyed the way they helped their teams grow as musical artists. I looked forward each show to the lively remarks bewteen the coaches . The respect, each coach showed was refreshing. The evening that each coach was paired to sing duets with another coach rocked! Shakira and Blake I LOVED YOUR DUET that you sang! Usher you are handsome, laid back attitude and style of coaching really showed me that you were caring and in it to win it! Celo and Christina you really need to take lessons from Shakira and Usher. Care more about your team and helping them grow. Laughter, and enjoying fellow coaches and the show has really made me enjoy this show this season. Kudeos to Shakira and Usher I will definately miss you!

  26. I have enjoyed this season of The Voice more then any other. Shakira and Usher are great! Cristina is all about herself which I think hurts the show and the contestants. CeLo is perhaps just a little to over the top.

    I love Blake, my reason for watching and Adam is great – won my support over after the first season and they both seem very fun, real and enjoy their roles in the show.

    This year they all seem to being having so much fun as coaches, laughing and playful jabs. Usher is really special. He works his team and has showed such interest in them. Usher seems to have such insight to offer the contestants. I really respect him.

    Shakira is the package…sweet, beautiful, funny and can be tough and stand up for her team. I have enjoyed watching and getting to know her as a coach so much. What a combination! These four seemed to effortlessly work together.

    I will most likely go back to watching the final episodes this next season and wait to really enjoy the The Voice from beginning to end when Usher and Shakira return.

    And to agree with the comment above. I really enjoyed Blake and Shakira’s song. I would have bought it but didn’t see it on itunes.

  27. So glad Christina and CeLo are coming back. I like Shakira and Usher and am glad they are going to be back also.
    Christina and CeLo makes the show so interesting. Glad Blake and Adam are going to continue on the Voice.

  28. I,am a OKIE an I,am so excited that The Voice is bring back Christina and CeLo and this should be one if not the best season yet! Also I have a Daughter and Grandaughter going to be trying out this season Good Luck Everyone. Here,s To Being a OKIE also.

  29. all the coaches have been great, i would like to see all 6 at one time, how great would that be

  30. Not pleased that Christina and CeLo are coming back. Liked the coaches this year so much better, and felt the chemistry was extremely good! Not impressed with Christina or CeLo!

  31. Shakira and usher, so much better than CeLo and Christina. much better.

    Adam , Blake , Usher , Sharkira , so much better

  32. This is the only show I watch; I am a movie person 1/2 of the time and read books with real pages the other 1/2. and I have missed Christina very much and excited to have her back. All the coaches have very tuff decisions and it cant be easy; I commend all of them. Looking forward to join all of you for the next go around ; keep on singing ,toe tapping and bring out the best in those in your care. Love and hugs from Rita

  33. I agree with many on here… Christina was all about herself and CeLo… just didn’t get it for me… I LOVED Usher and Shakira…. They are a CLASS Act and Most Genuine line Blake and Adam… Leave Christina and CeLo home. You had a Great thing this year!! Disappointed to hear C and C are back.And can your “shorten” the “coaching” scenes.. I DVR and fast-foward thru e’m… I just wanna hear their VOICE ..not what the coaches go on and on about…

    1. I totally agree with you about it being a class act. didn’t care much for Cee Lo, never heard of him before this show. Christina is too bold with her clothes. This is not a strip show – hide your breasts please. Love shakira and usher. Seems more professional now. Keep Kristina Milan (sp) off there. what a waste of time she is.


  35. I have always like Usher, but watching him this season, I LOVE HIM……As for Blake and Adam I have always loved, but Usher has been so entertaining, so talented, I hope he comes back, will look forward to Usher, Blake,Adam and Shikia..


  37. We are glad that all 3 people who posted on this sight that did not watch the Voice because Christine and CeeLo was not there can now turn on your TV this fall. C& C will return. Has anyone not read this post, the people have spoken they do not want C&C back on. Personally, I want to see if they have changed there ways and how they look and act now. They don’t make this show anyway, Blake Shelton and Adam make this show, they are the Voice. Now if Blake Shelton went off the show I would be like the other 3 people who posted and not watch it, but I bet there would be alot more people than 3 that would not tune in.

  38. Disappointed to hear that Christina and CeeLo are returning. I probably will not watch Season 5. Really enjoyed this season with Usher and Shakira. Why is it that when something obviously works well, the producers don’t get it?

    1. So disappointed Shakira and Usher are not returning!! Can’t stand Christina and don’t care for CeeLo. Luv Blake and Adam!!

  39. I have watched the Voice from the beginning, and must say hands down this was the BEST season ever!! The 4 judges were a great combination of opinion and talent, without bringing the weirdness of Ceelo or the bitchiness of Christina….MUCH Better!!

  40. So happy that the boys will be back together. Hate to see Usher go, love him. I’d love it if Shakira would come back instead of the “Queen Wantabe Xtina”, who I’ve been told has every Starbucks coffee type and flavor made for her so that she can pick the one that fits her mood, and lets not even go into her other “I’m so better than you quirks”. She is just horrible and needs to not only go way but also learn to learn to walk in her Jimmy Chu’s. Shakira is hysterical and her heart is always in the right place with her team. You can see her concern and emotion for all the contestants. Please make Xtina go away. Let’s make it 5 coaches the 4 boys and Shakira!

  41. Glad to see that many others agree with my assessment of Xtina!!! She spoiled my enjoyment of the shows of the past. I was so thrilled to see Shakira, and Usher, this year, and hoped it would continue to be these judges. I won’t watch the show next season if I have to see Xtina and her breasts, and narcissistic attitude!!! CeeLo was ok… but I loved Usher, and his attitude better… and Shakira… oh my gosh was she (and Usher) funny, and entertaining, and there was no pretense of royalty and narcissism in her personality… I loved that about Shakira. She was very down to earth, and sweet. I will really miss “The Voice” next year if Xtina and CeeLo are back!!!!
    Like Linda Berge said @ 10:02am… “Please make Xtina go away. Let’s make it 5 coaches, the 4 boys and Shakira! …and I say AMEN to that!!!!

  42. i personally liked the coaches you had on this round best the way they dressed an judge the talent they were nice to watch

  43. Really loved this season as I had all the past seasons but this was far better! Loved Usher and Shakira!! The 4 coaches this season were perfect and I think more will agree with this than disagree. I dont like Xtina at all. I dont like how she dresses or her personality!! I hope eventually she will be gone for good.

  44. I think the judges you have now is the best. Christina is too much bitch for the show, and I just don’t understand Ceelo. The four you have right now has a chemistry you can’t ignore.

  45. The voice is my favorite show love Blake Adam Shikira and Usher wish it could stay that way but xtina and ceelo have to ruin it maybe they will leave after season 5 and the better 2 come back and be with the funny guys Blake and Adam love those 2 guys

  46. I just wish it would stay as it is now. This was my first time and so enjoyed this show. Not so sure for next set of judges.

  47. Shikira and Usher were so involved and added a little spice. Everyone seem to enjoy each other..

  48. i like blake and adam n cee lo i dont like christine you need to replace her with shakirk i wont be watchin with christine she is a bitch

  49. i am glad for the all the ones coming back the other two just did not cut it with blake or adam but most of all i love the voice that is the best singing show on tv

  50. I”m sorry that cee lo and Christina are coming back. So enjoyed it this year without them. I love the chemistry with Blake, Adam, Usher & Shakira.

    1. i agree with linda i don’t like the other ones you are bringing back so i will not e watching when they are on

  51. I really liked the 4 coaches this past season, I thought they were great and worked together wonderfully! I will miss Usher and Shakira, both so positive and I think worked with the contestants great.

  52. I will be skipping the next season but will see you the one after that. Will miss you Blake and Adam. Forgive me. Love ya.

  53. I hate to say it, but I like Usher and Shakira as the other 2. Love Blake and Adam! They make my nights when they are on.

  54. Blake and Adam are wonderful. I like both Usher and Ceelo. Shakira is by far more a lady than Christina, very disappointed to see Christina returning for Season 5 🙁

  55. Blake You are awesome. I’m a Mother of 11 & Grandmother of 53 & You are my favorote entertainment. Keep it up just being you…Wish I could afford ro see you perform in person sometime.. We’ll see.. My goal…

  56. I love the show this year, all the judges were geuine and really cared. They taught the contestents and you could see them grow each performance. Blake I love you, keep country music going.

  57. Blake and Adam are the best!! I enjoyed Christina and CeeLo but felt their second year was a bit blah. Although a fan of both Shakira and Usher, I was a bit skeptical when they announced them for this year but it has been by far the best grouping!! Shakira and Usher fit in so well with Blake and Adam’s banter and seemed genuinely involved with doing the best they could with their groups. Love the show, hope they never replace Blake or Adam and wish they’d get Shakira and Usher most of the time!!

  58. I very seldom write comments, but on this issue I feel very strongly about. I have watched the Voice since the beginning. But never have I enjoyed it so much as I have this season with Shakira and Usher on it. Christina is a beautiful woman, but destroys that beauty with the way she flaunts herself in the awful outfits she wears. Shakira is a beautiful woman who is pure class. Her beauty shines in the way she dresses, her personality, and the care and concern she has for the members of her team. Shakira and Usher have added so much to this show with their professionalism, and sense of humor. The four of them were great together and was hoping they would be back in the fall. Very disappointed. Christina turns many people off in my opinion. She needs to take some lessons from Shakira in how to look and act like a lady. I like Ceelo, but much prefer Usher on this show. With Christina and Ceelo on the show, if I got home I watched it, but with Shakira and Usher, I make a point of getting home to watch it.

  59. I am so glad to see Christina and CeeLo back on the Voice . I think the 4 of them mada a great team and I love their attitudes and personalities, and i love to hear both of them sing. And as of Blake, he is my very favorite since Conway Twitty and John Micheal Montgomery. Conway was my very very favorite. And i think Christina is beautiful. I just like all 4 of them. As far as Adam, he is so good looking and i love to hear him sing. So there is 4 very good people back on for this next season, and next season also, cause usher and Shakira is super also. .I watch this every night that it is on and never miss it. I love it.and i love you Blake.

  60. Why are you changing a good thing? Everyone I talk to likes the show much better with Shakira and Usher so why are they going back to Christina and CeeLo? They left because they had other things to do, why would they feel like they should be invited back……This has been the best season ever with Adam, Blake, Shakira and Usher. I just don’t know why you would want to spoil a good thing and I’m sure the ratings are way up there

  61. This season has been better than any other!!!! Get lost,, Christina, and CeeLo

  62. I think the Voice is a zillions times better then American Idol. I watched Idol one season, and really enjoyed it, but when I tried to watch the next season I just couldn’t get into it at all. I haven’t missed one minute of The Voice since it started.
    I’m SO happy to hear Blake will be around at least 2 more seasons, and I’m sure
    Adam will be too. I Love the banter between those 2. I think Usher and Shakira are wonderful and did a great job. I must say I like them better then CeLo and Christina.
    I think this season has been the best with Usher and Shakira there. I’m so glad they’ll be back for season 6. Keep up the Great work, and may the Voice be around
    a LONG time with the judges you have. 🙂

  63. Missing Shakira and Usher already….they were an awesome addition to an already awesome duo (Blake and Adam). I believe this season was one of, if not, the best ever. Not taking anything away from CeLo and Christina, but Shakira and Usher brought another level of pazazz. So tell me why did Christina and CeLo leave the Voice? Just saying…..

  64. Not happy to see CeLo and Christina coming back. I think the coaches as they are now are the better mix…….

  65. I liked Christina, but I agree with a lot, she is a very pretty woman but the way she dresses on the show is not very professional, I understand whe she is on the stage performing that the dress could change. but I do like usher and shakira I think they did put a different taste to the show, I have been watching the show since day one blake and adam are awesome. cello is real good also,and its not that I don’t like Christina cause I do, I just think she could cover her body a little more then she does.i don’t feel she has to dress as she does to be noticed she is a beautiful woman just don’t like how she prevails herself. but its her body. but shakira is beautiful and dresses very nicely and I do love her and usher is gorgeous to me I think he brings more the just music to the show,he has good personality, has great stage performance not just singing , he has dancing and dresses very nice. this is my favorite show, I don’t even watch America idol anymore I hate there judges the show is sickening to me

  66. I think Blake Shelton is the best I just love him so I am glad he is staying. I am also glad that all the original 4 are coming back. I have watched all of them and love this show. I like Shakira and Usher also kind of gave it a different twist. I wish all six could be there at one time that would make it interesting but I guess it would take too long. I used to watch the Idol but it just got way out of hand and I had enough of the spot light going on the judges more than the contestants I mean really don’t they get enough publicity. But back to the Voice love it will watch it till it isn’t on anymore. LOVE YOU BLAKE YOU ARE THE BEST AND GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR WIFE. 🙂 <3

  67. Love Blake, Adam, Celo and Shakira! Keep those 4 and you definitely have me watching!

  68. Have to agree that Blake, Usher, Shakira, and Adam are the best! Wish they would get rid of Christina…She degrades a wonderful show.

  69. I just read they are paying Christina 14 mil to come back for season 5. After reading all the comments, I have to say…REALLY? Will watch it either way but think Usher & Shakira are a better “fit” for Adam & Blake. Either way, this show is like a breath of fresh air… the only show my husband and I look forward to watching.

  70. This is the BEST Season of the Voice and I have watched since day 1. Usher & Shakira are so much better than Christina & Ceelo Green. Can’t you change Season 5 and bring them back from here on out. Ceelo is not bad, however, Christina is another story. Shakira & Usher have so much class, it’s not funny. They are impressive as judges and mentors to these people and you can see how much they truly care about their teams. All I know is this show is absolutely fabulous with Usher & Shakira versus the past. NBC –> why do you feel you owe Christina & Ceelo so much gratitude? You’re not this way with anyone else or any show? Give me a break…………either a show works or it doesn’t; and as we know if it doesn’t, actors get fired & shows get cancelled. Keep The Voice a “Class Act” with Usher & Shakira; Christina is not a class act nor does she have class. Anyone that needs to show her boobs the way she does is a sad story!!!! And, it’s disgusting to have to see this with children watching. Where is her respect for herself and the children who like watching this show. Blake and Adam are the BEST too!!!! Love them both bunches. Let’s keep a wonderful going & flowing with classy people, not the past!!!!

  71. NOTICE TO NBC —–> YOU HAD BETTER START READING THE COMMENTS AS I HAVE. NOT ONLY DID I WRITE MY COMMENTS, HOWVER, I JUST RAED ALL OF THE OTHER COMMENTS. Majority of the people commenting DO NOT want Christina & Ceelo back, WE WANT Shakira & Usher back permanently. This is the BEST SEASON ever of The Voice!!!!! Don’t screw it up like IDOL did. Will be interesting to see if NBC cares about what the viewers have to say or will you lose people because of bringing Christina & Ceelo back?????

  72. I enjoy the Voice, because the contestants are judged unseen not how they look or dress and only how they sing. And as for the six judges, they are all very gifted and talented artist in the respected gendre of the industry. These six judges music and talent have intertained thousands of fans. Love them all!

  73. Love Blake and Adam, but Ceelo???? What a loser this guy is. He brings nothing to the show. He CAN”T sing. He’s just a jack ass. Very disappointed

  74. I will continue to watch and support the Voice as long a the 4 Coaches stay on Blake, Adam, Shakira and Usher are there. I cant watch Christine A or Ceelo there not my cup of tea. This season was so much fun and exciting to watch.

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