Last night on The Voice, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert opened the show with a beautiful, acoustic performance of “Over You.”  The song is a personal one to The Shelton’s, and they performed it last night as tribute to their home state of Oklahoma and those affected by the tragic tornado. 

“I think it was the perfect song for this situation,” Shelton said. “The moment was right and I wish things would’ve been different and I wouldn’t have been thinking about performing a song like that.” 

Billboard reports that Blake Shelton and NBC are working on putting together a benefit concert for the victims of the Oklahoma tornado.  More details to come as they become available.  To help tornado victims, donate at or call 1-800 HELP NOW.

24 replies on “Blake Shelton And Miranda Lambert Perform “Over You” On The Voice As Tribute To The Oklahoma Tornado Victims”

  1. Well done, well done and thank you for all you’ve done and will do for the victims and families broken and hurting from this tragic event in Oklahoma.

  2. Thankyou so very much, and thanks for all that you are doing. You have my utmost respect and such a wonderful couple you are……We love you…….

  3. Such a beautiful song. So touching! You’re a beautiful couple and just want you to know my heart and prayers go out to Oklahoma during this sad disaster.

  4. Thanks to both of you for performing a song that speaks so much of the tragedy there.My heart breaks for Oklahoma. The song was beautiful and even more so being performed by a husband and wife who are both from Oklahoma. I also hear that you (Blake) are putting together a concert with all proceeds going to help Oklahoma. You are a beautiful couple ♥

  5. truly amazing talented woman. Miranda is so unique, her voice is so heart felt. I think they are a wonderful couple. I too lost my brother and I will never get over his death, even though he had cancer and we knew it was coming. I still am heartbroken.

  6. God be with Oklahoma and all the people who are struggling and suffering. God bless the children.

  7. This was so beautiful and heart felt. You are both absolutely marvelous people as well as performers. I am on a fixed income and do not have the funds to help these people except to pray for them and I have been doing that. God Bless you Blake and Miranda as well as the folks in Moore Ok.

  8. Powerful song powerfully sung so appropriately at this time……had sad. Thanks to you Blake and Amanda for baring your soles once again♥

  9. Beautiful performance! Our prayers are with the victims of Oklahoma. The song was heartfelt. This was such a great gesture from you and Miranda. I love listening to both of you sing.

  10. I thought it was a beautiful performance. It seemed to me Blake got a little choked up when he sang his part. I love the two of them!

  11. It is Such a Beautiful Tribute <3 I Love You's Blake and Miranda God Bless You Both and God Bless Country Music

  12. Too bad all the money is being donated to the RED CROSS and all its “administrative expenses” and all their overpaid executives. Thanks Country Music, but I will find another organization to donate to!

  13. This was a beautiful performance by Blake and Miranda. Love them both.

  14. What a beautiful song preformed by two beautiful people. The words are so meaningful and come from the heart and they are oh so true. Thank you Blake and Miranda for such a beautiful song. God Bless you both and God Bless Oklahoma

  15. Thank you Blake and Miranda. I can’t get this song out of my head. I lost my son three years ago. I think it’s wonderful y’all can help so much people with your gift! I’m trying to donate to the disaster victims in Oklahoma through the Red Cross. Does any one know how I can designate my donation to go to them specifically?

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