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Born and raised in Missouri, Angie Johnson had always been drawn to music. A former intelligence analyst and Air Force Band Vocalist, Angie’s military musical career began with a group of active duty volunteer entertainers called Tops in Blue, where she traveled to bases around the globe, putting on shows for fellow troops. Following her time as an intelligence analyst, Angie became a full-time vocalist in The Air Force Band before leaving active duty to pursue a musical career in Nashville, Tennessee.

Angie just released her debut EP, Sing For You, on May 22.  The lead single “Sing For You” is taken from stories soldiers told her about their time overseas and she wanted to hear more.

“‘Sing for You’ is the most dear song on the EP to me.  I wrote it with Catt Gravitt and my producer Josh Leo.  I had gotten pitched a lot of military songs about a spouse or a child and their perspective on having their husband deployed or their dad deployed, and I just didn’t feel like I could sing from that place because I am a military member.  So when I got with Catt, and we started talking about being entertainers and going overseas and doing morale shows and having troops tell us their stories of losing buddies or PTSD or survivor’s guilt and all these things, it really felt like a story that needed to be told.  And it was my story.  So, this song is my way of kind of saying thank you.  I acknowledge that I’m not the one out there doing what you do, but here’s what I can do for you.  Let me sing for you.”

With Memorial Day around the corner, Angie Johnson wants you to share your Memorial  Day photos with your friends and men and women of the military.  Upload your photos and stories, and be entered to WIN an Angie Johnson Prize Pack and Phone Call from Angie. Enter HERE.

Pick up your copy of Angie Johnson’s Sing For You EP on iTunes HERE.

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  1. What it means to me, is to remember all those who have served their Country and done their jobs to the best of their abilities to support each unit assigned to. Most of all the people like my Father before me who served in World War Two, who actually fought on a battle field during war like many others of all of our wars, who actually fought hand to hand combat on the front lines and had to take another life or be killed themselves, so that they could come back home to their Families to make a life of their own. Just think of what they lived with all their lives after War times were over and what they carried in their thoughts, their friends whom died fighting next to them. It is truly a meaning of the words spoken “They will never forget” and WE also should never forget them and who we are and where we come from. Think about the Military Men & Women who never got to live life like a lot of us have. We should take time to thank God and them for letting us do that. Always to remember to shake their hand & thank them for their service, when you see one of our Military members.

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