Shazam announced today that country music fans can use Kenny Chesney’s favorite app – Shazam – while they’re enjoying the American Country Music Awards, airing this Sunday at 8ET on CBS.

Kenny Chesney shared with USA Today that Shazam is his favorite app! “It still blows my mind how they do this,” Chesney says with a laugh. “If you’re in a car and you hear a song on the radio, you can hit a button on the phone and scan the song and it will come back and tell you the name, the artist, what record it’s on. I’ve got it on my iPad and my phone.”

When you tag the ACM Awards you’ll be able to access added info and keep track of the artists and the songs as they perform during the show. This is in addition the ubiquitous Shazam for TV experience that allows fans to tag any TV show and access:

    • Featured music
    • Cast information
    • Trivia
    • Celebrity buzz
    • Social integration on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

So when you’re jamming out to Brad Paisley on Sunday, be sure to use Shazam and tag to get access to fun facts, social buzz, and more.  Get your Shazam app HERE.