Show Dog-Universal recording artist, Krystal Keith, releases her self-titled EP Tuesday, April 16.  The 4-song EP serves as a strong introduction to the country newcomer, and her voice will for make a great addition on country radio.

Krystal’s EP will capture listeners right from the start with “Doin’ It.” The upbeat tune features a catchy groove that will quickly become a fan favorite, as well as make for a great fit on country radio. Also included on the EP is “Can’t Buy You Money,” which was featured on her father’s, Toby Keith, White Trash With Money album released in 2006.  Krystal puts her soulful spin on the song and is one that listeners will definitely enjoy. “What Did You Think I’d Do” is another fun, upbeat song as Krystal delivers a story about a wild spirit girl who quickly settles down. This song also serves as the first single Toby wrote for his daughter to record.

“Daddy Dance With Me” is a special song to Krystal, and will quickly become a special song to others.  Krystal wrote the song with Mica Roberts and Sonya Rutledge as a gift to her father on her wedding day for their father-daughter dance. Not only is the song beautifully written, but it is brilliantly conveyed with Krystal’s strong vocals.  Her connection with the song defines the emotion and love between a father & daughter.  A father-daughter relationship is like no other, and this song will resonate on so many levels.  From goosebumps – to tears – to memories of joy, this is a timeless single that Krystal not only gifted to her father, but to the fathers of many. I, for one, must thank Krystal for this beautiful song as I can’t wait to share it with my father. 

Krystal Keith’s self-titled EP is well-balanced and serves as an excellent introduction to her debut album.  This collection of music will make for a great fit on your country music playlist. Pick up Krystal Keith’s EP by clicking HERE

Krystal Keith EP tracks:
Doin’ ItToby Keith, Bobby Pinson
Can’t Buy You MoneyToby Keith, Scotty Emerick
What Did You Think I’d DoToby Keith
Daddy Dance With MeKrystal Keith, Mica Roberts, Sonya Rutledge

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