Back row (L-R): Scott Thomas (Parmalee), Josh McSwain (Parmalee), Drew Bland (KMLE), Mark Anderson (WDSY), Jon Loba (EVP, BBR Music Group), Chris Loss (VP Promotion, Stoney Creek Records), Fletcher Keyes (WWQM), Barry Knox (Parmalee), Matt Thomas (Parmalee) Front Row (L-R): Samantha Borenstein (West Coast Regional, SCR), Abi Durham (NE Regional, SCR), Jen Joe (Midwest Regional, SCR)

Stoney Creek Records’ Parmalee achieved a lifetime milestone this past Friday night when it graced the Grand Ole Opry stage and stepped into the circle for the very first time in the band’s career.

At one point in the unforgettable evening, lead vocalist Matt Thomas charmed the crowd when he mentioned that several of the band member’s families, including their grandmothers, had made the 12-hour trek from North Carolina through the snow storms to see them make their Opry debut. It was an emotional moment on stage, and it was clear that the audience truly connected as the sounds of cheering and applause filled the room.

New Single “Carolina” is available now on iTunes HERE.

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