Maggie Rose is gearing up to impress country fans with the release her debut album, Cut To Impress, on March 26.  The album features ten solid tracks, four of which Maggie co-wrote.  Cut To Impress is an album that certainly does impress, and includes hit single “I Ain’t Your Mama” and newly released single “Better.”

Maggie Rose could easily be seen as just another cute girl in country music, but then you listen to her music.  A power-packed vocal talent with swagger and you’re left with a feeling of what just hit me?!? Maggie’s first full length release on RPM Entertainment, Cut To Impress, does just that…. Impress.  Ten tracks that cover the emotional spectrum from despair to elation. 

Cut To Impress starts with a dark soulful track called “Preacher’s Daughter.” The song talks about a kidnapping and a murder.  The local town is in shock to find out who committed the crime, and can’t believe how they find out.  With a harmonica and a guitar solo that makes you want to dance, its a good track to start the album off with.

Every girl has a bad side.  It might not be evident, but trust me it is there.  “Mostly Bad” is about that girl my mother told me to stay away from.  I can’t help it if I want to see what she is all about. With compelling lyrics such as, “I’m a little good, little bad, but mostly bad,” this girl is going to do what she wants, when she wants. Even chase whiskey with whiskey. The album title comes from a line in the song talking about wearing a dress that is cut to impress and if she’s living up to the song, this girl is a force to be dealt with.

“Fall Madly In Love With You” is a fun, upbeat song.  For those of us who are tired of playing games, we just want to fall in love with someone and have that perfect relationship.  Time to step up and get it done. “Fall Madly In Love With You” features catchy guitar riffs and powerful vocals.

“I Know Better Now” is a true heartbreak song.  In our relationships, we think our significant other will make everything okay, only to find out they won’t.  We know better than to trust them again and it’s time to move on.

How many times have you wanted to ask someone to walk a mile in your shoes?  It’s tough to explain how we really feel sometimes.  “Put Yourself In My Blues” is that song lays it all out there.

How do you get over the pain?  Do you drink or fall back on another vice?  “Better”, the second radio single from Cut To Impress is about getting over the pain and trying to get back to a sense of normal.  With solid lyrics such as, “I just wanna feel good, feel alright, feel anything but what I feel tonight.  I just wanna move on with my life,” Maggie’s vocals are strong and drive the song home.

“I Ain’t Your Momma” was the first single to go to country radio from this album.  The playful song describes the woman who will give you freedom, but won’t check up on you.  She won’t care what you do with your friends, but best believe she’s going to do enough to keep you at home. She’ll be everything to you, just make sure you are the same.  If you haven’t seen the video to this song, I highly suggest you check it out HERE.

The track “Looking Back Now” brings a slight change.  If you’ve heard Maggie’s EP, you’ll recognize this song as “Whiskey And A Gun.”  The song chronicles the life of a woman who wouldn’t be taken advantage of.  She got payback, but at the expense of freedom.  “Any fool should know you don’t look a woman in the eye and smile when she’s holdin’ whiskey and a gun.”  The version on the record is toned down a bit, but it allows for the vocals to take center stage.

Is Hollywood really country?  This question is posed in “Hollywood.”  No matter where we come from, everyone has the same problems.  You could be from Northern Alabama or Southern California, if put to music, we’re all singing a country song.

The life of touring artist isn’t easy.  You spend a lot of time on the road and home is wherever the tour bus is.  “Goodbye Monday” is about dealing with the craziness of life on the road.  I’d venture a guess that as you spend more time on the road, all the days start to blend together.  While no one looks forward to going to work on Mondays, once we get done with it, the weekend is that much closer.  Time to play that next show.

Cut To Impress is an album that you’ll listen to over and over again.  You’ll quickly identify with several tracks that will become favorites, and you’ll wear out the track controls listening to the album again and again.  After years of singles and an EP, the world gets to hear a full album from Maggie Rose and it doesn’t disappoint.  Make sure to catch Maggie out on tour, her live show is an amazing experience!

Cut To Impress hits shelves on March 26.  Order your copy now by clicking HERE.

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*Review by Bobby C. ~ CMR Contributor

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  1. Great review of a powerful young artist. Maggie Rose’s new CD shows that Country Music DOES Rock!

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