RPM Entertainment Maggie Rose’s debut album, Cut To Impress, has been released today, March 26, 2013 and can be found in stores and online.  Working with iconic country music producers Blake Chancey and James Stroud, with the help of Stephony Smith, the album features 10 cuts including her Top 25 smash, “I Ain’t Your Mama” and her latest heart-wrenching single, “Better.”

Nearly five years in the making, Rose is finally able to celebrate her debut with a collection of songs that create a musical conversation to connect with music lovers across the country.  Writing almost half of the songs on the album, the collection is filled with killer tracks. Yes, there’s a body count on this album.

Steve Leggett from All Music refers to Rose as the second coming of Shania Twain stating, “As debut albums go, this one arrives fully formed and ready to go, and if Maggie Rose doesn’t end up being a major contemporary country star, well, then the whole thing is rigged.” GAC’s Daryl Addison adds, “Offering up a wonderful lesson in showmanship, Cut To Impress more than lives up to its name with a wholly-unique blend of bluesy, R&B flavored country that is as sexy as it is fierce.”

Similar opinions are found on multiple media outlets including the popular music site Roughstock.com.  Music critic Matt Bjorke boldly confirms Maggie Rose “has the talent, the looks, the drive and – most importantly – the songs that make her the complete package. Bjorke goes on to say, “Cut To Impress is a mighty impressive collection of songs and one that all fans of great new Country Music talent should be supporting.” Yahoo Music’s Wendy Gellar says the debut is “a powerful, infectious concoction incorporating elements of rock and blues into the twang” with Country Music Rocks proclaiming, “Cut To Impress, does just that…. Impress.  Ten tracks that cover the emotional spectrum from despair to elation,” and Nuts About Country concurs, “all ten songs on this project serve up a true smorgasbord of life…” 

Maggie Rose will share her debut today with fans in Nashville, TN with an album release party at WSIX and a performance at The Grand Ole Opry.  To preview and purchase Maggie Rose’s Cut To Impress visit HERE.