While some guys fall short when it comes to romantic gestures and doing special things on days like Valentine’s Day, Greg Bates says, “I would consider myself a romantic guy. I try and go above and beyond on Valentine’s Day just ‘cause it is such a special day for relationships.”

And rather than slack off or get lazy as the relationship progresses, for any woman lucky enough to be in his life long-term, Greg says, “I try to up the ante every year and just … bigger and better is always the key. But Valentine’s Day is such a special day and I try to make it special every year.” Perhaps Greg can have some fun with his Valentine this year by having her “Fill In the Blank,” as his new single suggests.

“Fill In The Bank” can be found on Greg’s self-titled EP by clicking HERE.  Keep up with Greg Bates by visiting his Official Website, Like him on Facebook and Follow him on Twitter.