Show Dog Universal Recording Artist Rose Falcon just released her brand new EP, 19th Avenue {the EP Volume 2}.  The new EP features five songs that showcase the amazing talents Rose holds, both as a vocalist and as a songwriter.  Rose Falcon’s fresh new sound will make for a great fit on the country radio airwaves.

When asked what fans could expect from 19th Avenue {the EP Volume 2}, Rose tells us “I think they can expect some of the best stuff that I’ve really ever put out. These are songs I’ve been kind of holding on to, and just been waiting to put out.  I’m really proud of them and I hope that they like it.”  After taking a listen to Rose’s new EP, we definitely LOVED each one of her songs!

“If Love Had A Heart” kicks off the EP and is Rose’s brand new single.  Rose shares some insight on this song and tells CountryMusicRocks, “It’s a song about wishing that love was a little bit more kind to my heart. It’s not heartache, it’s not about a particular breakup that I went through, but I’ve been through a couple. It’s about my experiences.  It was written with a guy named Tommy Lee James who I just love, and when he started playing that little piano part I was like ‘Oh my gosh I love it’. I kinda came up with the idea if love had a heart and he said ‘well then it wouldn’t break mine’ and I was like yes, that’s it, that’s perfect. That’s what I’ve been dreaming of for this song.”  “If Love Had A Heart” is a great song that listeners will connect with and enjoy hearing on country radio.

Additional tracks on the EP include “Take Me To Memphis”, a beautiful ballad about wanting to see the city & home of where her love is from. Falcon kicks it up a knotch with sassy single, “You Stole My Heart,” that listeners will definitely enjoy. Rose delivers a great message with “Carry Me Home.”  No matter how far you stray from the love of Jesus, he will still be there waiting to bring you home.  “Like Crazy” is a song that Rose wrote on her own for this EP and told us, “It’s pretty revealing and a pretty bold statement.”  “Like Crazy” has a beautiful music arrangement, coupled with strong memorable lyrics such as “If your brave enough to be my man, I’ll love you like crazy, like only crazy can.”  “Like Crazy” is sure to leave a lasting impression with listeners.

2013 is off to a great start for Rose Falcon.  In addition to releasing 19th Avenue {the EP Volume 2}, Rose Falcon is also named one of CMT’s Next Women of Country. When we asked her about being including on CMT’s list of the Next Women of Country, Falcon told us, “I was psyched about that. CMT has been really good to me and really supportive of my project.  It’s just so cool because I grew up watching CMT. It was a honor and a lot of the other girls on there I really respect and enjoy their music. I was thrilled about it.” CMT has premiered an exclusive video featuring Rose performing “You Stole My Heart” and can be seen HERE.

Get to know more about Rose Falcon by clicking HERE.  Rose Falcon will be a name and a voice that you will be hearing a lot of, so be sure to keep your eyes on and ears tuned in to her!

Add five fantastic songs to your music collection and pick up Rose Falcon’s 19th Avenue {the EP Volume 2} by clicking HERE.  Be sure to keep up with Rose by visiting her Official Website, Like her on Facebook and Follow her on Twitter.