Stoney Creek Records Recording Artists Parmalee is going to rock 2013!! Their debut country single “Musta Had A Good Time” was an instant hit with fans, and they are now gearing up to release their follow up single “Carolina” to country radio. We sat down with Matt, Scott, Barry & Josh and caught up with them about their new single, debut country album and much, much more! “Carolina” impacts country radio on February 4 and is available NOW on iTunes by clicking HERE.

3 replies on “CountryMusicRocks Interview With Parmalee”

  1. Enjoyed the personal touch in this interview. Just makes me like this group even more. Looking forward to hearing more from them. Love “Carolina”!

  2. Awesome interview Thank You for doing it with them. They are an Wonderful Group of Guys. Can not wait for the CD To be released.

  3. The more I learn about your group, the more I listen to your music, I believe I will be a fan for life! I like your style, lyrics, the life’s lessons your band has endured, and just in general, you seem to all get along, and keep on making Country Music Better!! I am happy to say I learned about yon on You Tube. Just so hapens that I do not watch MSM, so was a coincidence I seen your clip on CNN… Keep up the great work!

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