The FARM has had quite a year this year with the release of their Debut Album, several appearances at The Grand Ole Opry, performing coast-to-coast & back again, and so much more! With the Christmas holiday quickly approaching, The FARM’s Nick Hoffman shares his favorite Christmas Song, Tradition and Gift he received.

Favorite Christmas Tradition
Every Christmas in MN we end up around my grandma’s piano, her playing the piano, and me playing the fiddle, and we play Christmas songs and old-time fiddle tunes.  It’s not necessarily an official “tradition” for our family, but always seems to end up that way.   I love it.

Favorite Christmas Gift
My Favorite Christmas gift ever came when I was about 16.   My Grandparents gave me my Great-Grandfather Primasing’s fiddle.   Up till that point, it had been hanging on the wall for all to see and was my grandmother’s prized possession.  When She felt I was old enough, she gave it to me.  I was speechless and I’m still honored to have it.

Favorite Christmas Song
My favorite has become “O HOLY NIGHT”  We performed it on the GAC Special “A Deadwood Mountain Christmas”.   That was our first TV performance and will always be a great memory for me.   That song has a special place in my heart.   

The FARM will be back in action in 2013 with several performances already lined up.  Keep up with Damien, Krista and Nick by visiting their Official Website, Like them on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter.