Photo Credit: Kristin Barlowe

Spearheaded by the release of her critically-acclaimed album 100 Proof  in early January and rounded out with the signing of a new record deal with Black River Entertainment in October, the year 2012 has meant tons of excitement and career momentum for country music songstress Kellie Pickler

Now, as the nation’s top music critics reflect on what a year it’s been with their “Best Of 2012” album nods, Pickler celebrates the merriment of the season with coveted placement at the top of Rolling Stone’s “Best Country Albums of 2012” list, No. 7 on Washington Post’s “Best Music of 2012” list, No. 2 on Rhapsody’s “Top 30 Country Albums for 2012,” and No. 6 on AOL’s The Boot “Best Country Albums of 2012.” Fans can expect 2013 to also be an exciting year for Pickler as she gears up to release a new single from her forthcoming new album.

Alongside their top rating, Rolling Stone wrote, “100 Proof may be the best traditionalist album of the year. Pickler wraps her big lustrous voice around old-fashioned honky tonk, rollicking road stories and big ballads, all produced with a perfect balance of throwback twang and contemporary sheen.” Critic Chris Richards from the Washington Post added, “Pickler uses that big voice to sing big songs about no-good men, absentee parents, the ghost of Tammy Wynette and her own backbone, which suddenly sounds as if it were made of aerospace-grade titanium.” Lastly, AOL’s The Boot says, “Kellie included what are perhaps the most personal songs of her career, ‘Mother’s Day,’ and ‘The Letter (To Daddy)’, on the project, wearing her heart on her musical sleeve.”

Before the music critics’ end-of-year verdicts were revealed, CMT’s Editorial Director Chet Flippo agreed, “100 Proof is probably the best pure country album in recent years. There are raw and troubling songs, painful personal truths and family sorrows laid bare. But there’s also an indomitable human will to survive and even rejoice in that survival.”

100 Proof  is available in stores and online, everywhere music is sold.

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