Craig Campbell has been busy working on the release of his sophomore album.  Until then, he is treating fans to his brand new, 5-song Outta My Head EP.  The new EP is available now and features a great mix of songs from start to finish.

Craig Campbell stays true to himself with the music he delivers on his Outta My Head EP.  Campbell’s traditional country sound is well maintained throughout, coupled with just the right amount of modern edge.  With music constantly evolving that is not an easy task, but Craig Campbell definitely accomplished it. 

The lead single “Outta My Head” has proven to be an infectious single, one that you can’t get out of your head!  “That’s Why God Made A Front Porch” will resonate with many, as everybody needs a place to slow down. The song represents a traditional country sound that will make a great fit on country radio.  “My Baby’s Daddy” and “Keep Them Kisses Coming” each deliver Craig’s fun, upbeat personality.  Both songs are ones that you will catch on to quickly and will be singing right along.  “When She Grows Up” will touch the hearts of many, especially fathers. Co-written by Craig Campbell,  he delivers a beautiful song about being a good father to his daughter who will always be his little girl.  You can hear the love and emotion in this track that Craig has for his daughters and serves as a lovely tribute to them.

Craig Campbell’s Outta My Head EP is a fantastic introduction to his sophomore album.  Once again Craig delivers music that is strong, music that is meaningful, and music that is country.  Craig Campbell is a great representation of the country music genre and has a bright future ahead.

Pick up your copy of Craig Campbell’s Outta My Head EP by clicking HERE. Be sure to keep requesting his new single “Outta My Head” at your favorite local country radio station.

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