The holiday season is in full swing and Christmas Day is quickly approaching.  Blake Shelton shares some holiday details, including how he & wife Miranda Lambert spend Christmas, and a Favorite Holiday Memory with his dad.

Christmas at the Shelton/Lambert Household:
Christmas in the Shelton/Lambert household is probably like a lot of y’all’s Christmases out there. It’s chaos and we don’t have any kids and so we’re the ones that travel to everyone else’s houses. So we start down in Lindale, TX on Christmas Eve with Miranda’s family and we always wake up there on Christmas morning and open presents, that’s where Santa comes, then we put everything in the car and drive all the way back to Oklahoma, it’s about a 3 hour drive, and then we have Christmas day with my family. Normally on either side of that Miranda and I normally before will try to have our Christmas just she and I together and it’s normally a wrapping night where we wrap everybody’s presents or actually I stand there and mix her drinks and watch her wrap everybody’s presents cuz I can’t wrap worth crap but I like it I like how we do our thing and I think she does too.

Special Christmas Drink:
I don’t think I really have a special Christmas drink, I mean we always – all of us, Miranda’s family, my family – we always have a few drinks during Christmas. While we were making the album, though, I was actually drinking a little bit of wine believe it or not just to kinda kick back and try to get in that laid back state of mind that you’d picture Dean Martin or one of those guys doing when they get in the studio I guess.

Favorite Christmas Memory:
My favorite Christmas memory probably just happened last year. You always have all the different things that happen, whether it’s a gift or whatever, but the last Christmas I spent with my dad was actually in a hospital room and everybody had all their Christmases going on and for whatever reason everybody had been in the hospital room with my dad all day and then people went on to go do their Christmases at their homes and I decided, ‘I’m just gonna stay here with my dad’ and me and my dad sat in that hospital room together and laughed all night. We watched a marathon of Dumbest Stuff on Wheels together on Christmas Eve this past year and man, I wouldn’t trade that time with him for anything. That’s something I’ll never forget.

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