Charlie Daniels is back with a brand new song “Take Back The USA.”  Daniels once again does a great job representing country music as well American pride.

Country music has always been a genre of music that hasn’t be afraid to speak its mind, especially when it comes to sensitive topics.  Charlie Daniels has long been a voice of speaking up and making sure that the US does the right thing.

His new single “Take Back The USA” is just what the doctor ordered.  On the verge of what many have said is the most important election in this country’s history, Daniels’ upbeat flamethrower of a song tells us its time to hit our knees and pray.  He feels its time to “Take Back The USA” and focus on what’s important.  

Covering many topics including free trade, unemployment, civil liberties, and taxation, “Take Back The USA” is a song that people will easily identify with and will cause people to think.

“Take Back The USA” is available on iTunes now by clicking HERE.

*Review by Bobby C. ~ CMR Contributor

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