Is Country Music starting to sound too much like Pop Music?  This question often arises and fans are typically very passionate about their response. CBS is now casting for a new interactive music based show, JUKEBOX JURY, on CBS Radio Online.  Jukebox Jury needs jury members and are looking for country music fans to skype in via webcam to voice their opinions on the topic of “Country Music too Pop?” 

 CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READINGThe Jury of 9 people will listen to two sides of a music related debate & vote on which side they think makes a better case.  You will appear on camera and may be asked to speak your mind on the topic. Country Music Fans will need to be available November 30 from noon-1:30pm EST time. Email the Audience Coordinator at for details.

2 replies on “CBS Radio Casting Country Music Fans For Online Music Show “Jukebox Jury””

  1. Hey! I’d love to be a part of this! I’m an on-air talent for a country station based out of Aberdeen, Washington ( or I’m also our stations Music Director. I’m beyond passionate about the country music industry and feel I could be a vital part of your program. 😉

    Thank you! 🙂

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