Photo Credit - Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Fall is in the air and Halloween is right around the corner.  Country Music Trio The FARM, comprised of Nick Hoffman, Krista Marie and Damien Horne, share their favorite (and not so favorite) Halloween memories.

Nick: I was the Karate Kid one year for Halloween.

Damien: The Karate Kid?! Ralph Macchio!

Nick: Yeah, my mom made the costume herself and it was still my favorite Halloween.

Damien: Those are always the fun ones. My mom made me Dracula for Halloween with lipstick running down… it was horrible.

Nick: What’s up with that?

Damien: All the kids thought I was a drag queen. It was horrible.

Krista: I had more fun giving out the candy. I was a decorating queen and loved to go all out with the lights and the cobwebs and this and that. So I was usually at home, but my favorite costume was a sumo wrestler. I was a sumo wrestler. Yes, I was huge. I looked like I was 300 pounds.

The FARM released their second single, “Be Grateful” to country radio.  The new single is a powerful ballad that delivers a strong message.  We can all use a daily reminder about being grateful and The FARM does a perfect job communicating that with this song – especially with powerful lyrics such as “All the things you take for granted now, they started out as blessings first.” Be sure to contact your favorite country radio station and request “Be Grateful”.

“Be Grateful” is also part of our CMR Top 12 Country Singles for Fall 2012.  Check out our entire list HERE.

Pick up a copy of The FARM’s Debut Album at a store near you or on iTunes by clicking HERE.  Keep up with Damien, Krista & Nick by visiting their Official Website, Like them on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter.