Jason Aldean’s highly anticipated new album, Night Train, is set to release on Tuesday, October 16.  The album houses 15 impressive songs, and serves as a solid follow up to his Double Platinum Certified album My Kinda Party. Aldean has been taking country music to new heights, and he raises the level once again with Night Train delivering a fulfilling album from start to finish.

The timing for Jason Aldean’s 5th studio album couldn’t be better.  Aldean has been on a roll since his last release My Kinda Party, and the momentum continues with his multi-week #1 “Take A Little Ride”, the first single off the new album.  This album stays true to what Jason has done musically in his career, not being afraid to do something different, and not afraid to bend the rules of what we consider country.

Night Train features fifteen tracks that will have something for everyone.  With catchy rock riffs, some rap/country hybrids, and a track featuring two of the biggest names in country right now, Eric Church and Luke Bryan…this album will be one you don’t stop listening too.

The album starts off with “This Nothin’ Town”.  An upbeat song that tells us that no matter how big or small your town is, there is always something happening, despite what you might think.  People will do things just to do them.  The song talks about a party being thrown to watch the demolition of a building.  Even if you have to make up something, there is always something to do.  “When She Says Baby” is one of the strongest songs on the album.  Its a reminder that no matter how bad your day has been, when you hear “baby” from your significant other, everything seems to slip away.  

Aldean is a master of relaying simple ideas through songs.  This album is full of songs that talk about relationships and the progression of life.  “Feel That Again” is about remembering what it was like when you heard that song on the radio and how it was perfect for that moment.  We’ve all had that song in our life where we want to go back to feel that way again.  The fifth track, “Talk” is another example.  In that stage where you’ve met someone, talked for endless hours, getting to know each other and all you want to do is anything but talk.  The rush of the first kiss or first long kiss on a second date is what its all about.  You can talk for hours, but you’ll have to pull the trigger at some point.  “I Don’t Do Lonely Well”, co-written by Chuck Wicks, is another solid song.  You’ve broke it off with someone, and you’re putting up that strong face, going out pretending its all good, but deep down you know that you can’t take the pain of being lonely.  

One of the more interesting songs on Night Train is “Black Tears”, written by Canaan Smith and Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard.  The song talks about a woman who is a stripper in how she is dealing with what she does and how she struggles to get through the pain in her life.  It’s an interesting choice for an album cut, but Aldean isn’t afraid to try something new.

Some people think the life of a touring musician is nothing but glamour and fun, but that’s the farthest thing from the truth.  “Wheels Rollin'” is the tribute to the road musician.  Playing a show, getting on a bus, and heading down the road to the next gig.

Luke Bryan and Eric Church are very big names in country music right now.  Both have had hit records and both are very passionate about music.  Teaming with Jason for “The Only Way I Know” has resulted in a great song.  All three guys give it 100% on stage and when making music.  The song is a perfect for them.  

“Take A Little Ride” is the first single to go to radio and it has already gone #1 for consecutive weeks.  Featuring catchy lyrics and riffs, its easy to see why country radio loves it.  “Take A Little Ride” will continue to be a big hit for Jason for years to come.   The title track, “Night Train” while being an incredibly catchy song, is a song that most people will relate too.  Doing something with that girl or guy you just met.  You don’t have to do anything, but spend time with them.  The chorus of this song is well written and very descriptive.  I can see this song as one that not only will fans like, but will also country radio will love.

Where were you in 1994 ?  I was in junior high.  I was a 90’s country kid just as Jason Aldean was.  “1994”, co-written by Thomas Rhett, is a tribute to one of the biggest guys in that time frame, Joe Diffie.  “John Deere Green” and “Pick Up Man” were big hits for Joe.  This song takes me back to watching CMT on the weekends and listening to the country countdown shows on Sunday night.  Joe, Joe, Joe Diffie!

While the upbeat songs of Night Train are awesome, even the slow songs hit the right spots.  “Staring At The Sun” and “Walking Away” are both songs that you hear and you put on repeat.  You soak up the lyrics and they make you think.  Again, its a testament to how Jason is able to relay life through songs.

Whether you’re from small town USA, New York City, or any where in between, “Drink One For Me” is a song that will take you right back to the place and times of hanging out with your friends and just having fun.  Rounding out the album is “Water Tower”.  This slow song describes life in that small town.  “It’s like a lighthouse in a storm”.  Having that dream to leave town, but you come back eventually.  Looking at the water tower, it brings you back home.

In addition to hit single “Take A Little Ride,” CountryMusicRocks top three picks on the album include: “When She Says Baby”, “I Don’t Do Lonley Well”, and “Night Train”.

Night Train hits shelves on October 16.  Be sure to pick up your copy at a retail store near you, or on iTunes by clicking HERE.

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Album Review by Bobby C. ~ CMR Contributor

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