Darius Rucker will become the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry on Tuesday night (October 16th). A couple of weeks ago, Darius was surprised by his pal, Brad Paisley, with the invitation to join the famed institution. He says every time he gets ready to walk onto the Opry stage, he thinks of the musical legends who performed there night after night. Now that he is going to become part of the Opry history, he says is “pretty damn awesome!”  

When the news was announced, Grand Ole Opry Vice President and General Manager Pete Fisher stated, “We are extremely excited that Darius will be joining our Opry family. He’s forged an incredible, diverse musical path which has led today to the top of the country charts. It’s been clear from the moment Darius first stepped on our stage in 2008 in what high regard he holds the Grand Ole Opry and similarly how much Opry fans love Darius’ music.”

Rucker says he will perform at the Grand Ole Opry as much as he can. “I’m gonna be here a lot, as much as a member’s supposed to be here and more, because Pete [Fisher] and those guys have been awesome to me since I started this. I’m dedicated to this. I’m not the kind of guy who becomes a member and then gets lost. That’s not how I live.”

Darius is currently making his way up the country charts with his single, “True Believers.”