Broken Bow Records’, Kristy Lee Cook, is gearing up to release her brand new single, “Airborne Ranger Infantry,” to country radio this fall. Kristy Lee brings a fresh new sound to country music, and will be a great addition to the country radio airwaves.

Co-written by Cook, “Airborne Ranger Infantry,” is based from poems her father wrote while serving in the military.  Kristy Lee’s crisp, powerful vocals brilliantly conveys the real life experiences in this song.  The message runs deep with strong lyrics such as, “I didn’t do it for the money, didn’t do it for fame. I didn’t do it so the world would remember my name. I did it for my family and my country, and my brothers who died right next to me…”  The music, the lyrics and the vocals will immediately resonate with listeners as Cook delivers the elements for a standout country song.   

“Airborne Ranger Infantry” is scheduled to impact country radio October 15.  Be sure to call and request at your favorite country radio station.  Keep up with Kristy Lee Cook by visiting her Official Website, Like her on Facebook and Follow her on Twitter.

7 replies on “Kristy Lee Cook “Airborne Ranger Infantry” Song Review”

  1. When a song brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it played I know it will be a hit.Kristy’s vocal delivers greatly in the non studio version I have heard.The story told is very emotional.

  2. I just listened to Miss Cook’s new song while driving home from visiting a good friend and Iraq vet. I actually pulled over to listen to the entire song. Her voice is fantastic, and the lyrics push you into a private moment of silence.

  3. This will heal the hearts and souls of many in a small but significant way. It was sent from Heaven above to us below to hold in our hearts and remember those who served and still fight their own private battles.

  4. Heard it last night on Taste of Country Nights. Thanx Darlin for such a beautiful song that’ll touch every Soldier’s heart that hears it. 🙂

  5. Few songs have the ability to bring to light even a part of the war that continues inside for the combat veterans who deal daily with those memories. Fewer songs than that have the ability to bring tears to my eyes everytime I hear the words being sung by you. PTSD is very real, and a constant battle that goes on inside, and this song really brings that to the mainstream.
    God Bless you Kristy for doing this for us.

    Semper Fi

  6. Sometimes a song comes along that is not the every day song that simply fills in a good tune with senseless words. And it is great to listen to. But then once in a decade a song comes out that has so much content and tells such a story that you can sit and listen to it over and over again. This is that song. When I heard this song the first song, It touched me like no other song I had ever listened to. The last 10 times I have heard it, it does the same thing. It is a beautiful song. It is a blessing for me as It kinda gives me a sense of peace and resolve, but don’t ask me why. I just love to listen to this song.

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