Kenny Chesney has this week’s hottest new single at country radio with a song called “El Cerrito Place” — it’s the latest track from Kenny’s Welcome to the Fishbowl album — and Kenny says that the song beautifully captures that little bit of craziness that’s very familiar to a lot of people.

Of the new single, Kenny says, “I think it talks about all of the measures that we all go to to feel loved and to get that certain thing back that is drivin’ you crazy, emotionally. And ‘El Cerrito Place’ has that certain insanity about it. The character in the song has this certain insanity that I think is very relatable with (laughs) a lot of people, you know, because there is this searching and longing that I think all of us have inside of us.”

Chesney indicates it is one of the standout songs from his latest album, “It was somethin’ that I’m very proud of. I think it’s gonna be a song on the record that when people hear it, it’s really gonna stand out.”

Kenny is currently a triple nominee for the upcoming 46th Annual CMA Awards, where he’s up for Entertainer of the Year, as well as Music Video of the Year for “Come Over,” and Musical Event of the Year for “Feel Like a Rock Star,” Kenny’s duet with Tim McGraw. This year’s CMA Awards will air live from Nashville on November 1st, at 8pm, ET, on ABC.