Jerrod Niemann’s sophomore album, Free The Music, will be freed on Tuesday, October 2.  The album serves as a strong follow up to his 2010 debut release, Judge Jerrod and the Hung Jury. Free The Music houses 12 standout songs which Niemann serves as writer/co-writer on each one.  Instrumentation and musical arrangements are significantly showcased throughout the album, giving listeners essentially a FEEL for the music.  Niemann’s creativity on this album is recognized and appreciated.

Jerrod immediately “frees the music” as he kicks the album off with the album titled single. “Free the Music” sets the tone and gives listeners a feel of what to expect throughout the album, as each song tells its own tale.  “Get On Up” is a motivating song to keep your spirits high and your head up. “Only God Loves You More” is a powerful track showcased beautifully with Jerrod’s compelling vocals.  “Shinin’ On Me” serves as the debut release for the new album, and quickly became a fan favorite.  The song once again delivers a positive message and you can’t help but feel a bit of sun shinin’ on you as you listen to it.  “I’m All About You” features Colbie Caillat, and the blend of their voices together sound fantastic throughout this captivating love song.

“Fraction Of A Man” is the final track on the album that holds personal meaning.  Of the song Niemann says, “It seems like through history a lot of the greatest albums of all time always end with a song that’s very special to the artist.  “Fraction of A Man” is that song for me on this new album, Free The Music. It’s a song that took me a couple of years to write and it’s because it was such a very personal song…”  Niemann does a terrific job conveying the deep & personal meaning that this song holds for him, and he closes out the album leaving a lasting impression.

Free The Music reaches beyond a standard country album.  It is filled with creativity and originality, giving listeners a great representation of who Jerrod Niemann is as an artist.  Free The Music is enjoyable from start to finish, and many will embrace this talent-filled piece of work that Jerrod creatively delivers.  CountryMusicRocks Top 3 Picks from the album: “Whiskey Kinda Way”, “Only God Could Love You More” and “Fraction Of A Man”.

Free The Music is available on October 2 in retail stores, as well as digital music outlets such as iTunes by clicking HERE.

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