Jason Aldean played a 60 minute set last night, September 5, that was simulcasted LIVE on CBS.com.  The Georgia native was in New York City taping an appearance on the David Letterman Show that will air 9/6/12.  It was announced yesterday that Jason Aldean had been nominated for 3 CMA Awards…Entertainer of The Year, Male Vocalist of The Year, and Single of The Year.

Aldean and his band took to the stage and played twelve songs to the packed Ed Sullivan Theater crowd.  Of the songs played, Jason debuted a couple tracks on his upcoming album, Night Train.  The current single out at country radio, “Take A Little Ride” along with the title track, “Night Train” and “Wheels Rollin’ “ were played to an enthusiastic review.  The album will be released October 16th.

The show featured most of Jason’s big hits over the last couple years of his career.  Aldean told the story of the filming of his first music video for “Hicktown”, and how they all had serious thoughts that they were only ever going to shoot one music video. The result was the band trying to get as much face time as possible.  Little did they know that years down the road, they would be a power player in the country music world.  It just goes to show that hard work does indeed pay off in the end.

With the ever changing media landscape, artists and music labels are reaching out to fans like never before.  With the addition of the internet as a viable player in ways to connect to fans, sites like StageIt.com have become the new go to place to play shows whenever artists feel like it.  Streaming concerts, like the Jason Aldean show tonight, only prove the point that technology is not only bringing us closer to our favorite artists, but allowing us to connect with them in ways never before thought.  I watched the show from a cafe outside of Portland, Oregon, some 2,500 miles away.

After hearing the new songs off of Night Train, I have no doubt that the upcoming album will be another very successful record.  Aldean set the bar high with My Kinda Party and I fully expect him to not only meet those standards, but blow past them.

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*Review by Bobby C. ~ CMR Contributor

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  1. I have to say I was so excited to get to go to this!!! Thank you Fan Club for the opportunity, my daughter and myself had an amazing time in NYC with Jason and the band.

    We arrived in NYC about 4:30 and were driving down Broadway to park when we saw the Paparazzi and pulled over, it ws Gwen Stefani and we knew right away we were in for a great time 🙂 We parked about a block from the Letterman Show ($16 with coupon) and walked to CBS to get our tickets. We then hit Broadway for some NYC Pizza and a delicious cannoli 🙂 We got in line in front of the Ed Sullivan Theater about 6:40 and waited for what seemed to be forever. We were a little bummed that we weren’t going to see David Letterman but Jason was who we really came to see anyway so we got over it quick. We saw an old man with his shirt off carrying a melon and a alum. tray with fruit salad walking past the line. He stopped and asked my daughter if she would like some ewww! NO Way, only in NY right?

    We were turned off by the other line that was beginning to form, they said it was the VIP line (Hey I thought the Aldean Army was VIP????) they did indeed allow them to enter the theater first and seated them in the center front rows while we were pushed to the outside sections. It was the “Pretty People” that got on camera but oh well, guess we were suppose to feel lucky to have been there at all, which I was!!!

    When Jason entered the theater from the rear he came right down our side and we were able to reach out and touch him which made my daughter extremely happy. Jason was amazing, singing tons of great songs and 2 new ones that we all loved. His microphone whet out and it was great how he handled it, love how cool and collected he is on stage.

    After the show we went down and got his set list and 2 guitar picks, we ran out the door and around the corner to the stage doors just in time to have Jason sign my NJ meet and greet photo and my daughter’s Live On Letter advertisement. I was able to speak to him quick, welcomed him to NY and said “Go Bulldogs” he loved that!! The band came out one by one and we got lots of pictures and the set list signed by them all. Rich remembered me and said he couldn’t believe we came down from Albany for the show, I was shocked and super excited about that! I told them to party hardy and that tequila was on me when they got in the SUV which made them all laugh 🙂

    I wish I had gotten a picture of my daughter with Jason, kicking myself for not having been quicker on my toes but hey it was Jason and he does have a way of getting you flustered LOL We made it home about 1:15am and I would do it all over again and again, best trip ever!:D


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