As the summer begins to wind down, Jake Owen wants us to remember summer.  His four track EP, endless summer, hits music download sites today and doesn’t disappoint.  Owen says its been a year since Barefoot Blue Jean Night was released and wanted to produce music that “gave that summer vibe”.  You could easily argue that endless summer is a continuation of Barefoot Blue Jean Night.  The songs are light and fun, easily taking you back to the place where you enjoy summer and being carefree.

The EP kicks off with “Summer Jam”.  The upbeat song was written by Craig Wiseman and Tyler and Brian of Florida Georgia Line.  The duo is also featured in the song.  In typical Jake fashion, he crafts the songs to fit his style.  Often breaking into a rap/singing hybrid, he delivers a song that will live on in people’s summer mixes.  Last month, the Florida native released a video talking about the EP in which he said he wanted to be a part of people’s summertime playlists on their iPod’s. Not only do people need to include this song, but the whole EP as well.

We’ve all had those afternoon and nights, just hanging out with friends, shooting the breeze.  Heading down to the bonfire, everyone gathered around and playing music and having a good time.  “Pass A Beer” paints that perfect picture.  Jake says this EP is meant  to remind us that “summer is never ending, it’s all year long”.

The third track of endless summer is a song some of you might recognize.  Owen covers the popular Ben Harper cut “Steal My Kisses”.  Even though it’s a cover, Jake manages to make the song his own.  His style and flare make it a song that his fans will love.

Wrapping up endless summer is an upbeat, catchy song titled “Sure Fire Feeling”.  It’s a song about taking your special someone and just leaving everything for a while.  “Lets go, lets leave. There’s a whole wide world for our eyes to see. Just roll, with me, cause there ain’t no doubt this is meant to be”.  With lyrics like that, which are simple and fun, this song really ties together that whole carefree spirit that this EP embodies.  

This EP allowed Jake to not only record the new music, but come behind the glass and serve as executive producer. I caught up with him recently and he told me “I love these songs and music.  It’s me.”  I couldn’t agree more.

Grab your copy of endless summer now by clicking HERE.  Keep up with Jake by visiting his official website,

Album Review by Bobby C. ~ CMR Contributor