Easton Corbin’s sophomore album, All Over The Road, hits shelves on Tuesday, September 18.  The album serves as a fantastic follow up to his 2010 debut album.  All Over The Road features 11 solid songs, two of which Easton co-wrote, and also includes his new Top 10 hit single “Lovin’ You Is Fun”.   Corbin made a significant impression on country music two years ago with the release of his debut album, and the momentum continues with All Over The Road.  Easton Corbin stayed trued to himself on this album, as he maintains his traditional country style that fans fully embraced when he made his introduction to country music.  

Earlier this year we caught up with Easton regarding his new album release and he shared, “I’m really excited about it. I really think that for an artist the sophomore record is really crucial.  Not only are you competing against other people, but your also competing against yourself to do just as good or better, and I feel like we’ve done that.”  After one listen to All Over The Road, Easton definitely achieved another solid, top-notch country album. 

Album Title Track “All Over The Road” gets things started as the upbeat, fun tune immediately captures listeners right from the start.  The album stays strong and captivating throughout all 11 songs, as they each tell their own unique story. Easton’s fun & playful personality is delivered on songs such as “Lovin’ You Is Fun”, “This Feels A Lot Like Love,” and “Only A Girl.”  “That’s Gonna Leave A Memory” is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners with catchy lyrics such as: if your gonna go and tell me goodbye, why you gotta go and wear your jeans so tight, and I don’t want to watch a 10 walk away, I can maybe take a 7 or an 8 

Corbin’s rich vocals are demonstrated and specifically showcased on songs such as “Dance Real Slow,” “Are You With Me,” “I Think Of You,” and he does a fantastic job conveying the end of a summer love with “Hearts Drawn In The Sand”.  His serious and thoughtful approach on each song is compelling, coupled with strong music arrangements, completing the elements necessary to make each song resonate.  

All Over The Road once again confirms Easton’s talents as a strong country artist, and is a definite must have for your music collection.  It delivers all the essentials of a solid country album that one will enjoy from start to finish.  CountryMusicRocks top 3 picks from the album: “All Over The Road”, “That’s Gonna Leave A Memory” and “Hearts Drawn In The Sand”.

Be sure to pick up your copy of Easton Corbin’s sophomore album, All Over The Road, in stores on Tuesday, September 18.  You can also download the album from digital music outlets such as iTunes by clicking HERE and Amazon by clicking HERE

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