When you’re living the life of an entertainer on tour, great fans and great tour partners make all the difference — and Chris Young recently said that he felt blessed with both of those things when he spent the first part of the year out with good buddy Jerrod Niemann as special guests on Miranda Lambert‘s “On Fire” Tour. In fact, even though their tour with Miranda wrapped its five-month run back in June, Chris says that he and Jerrod are still missin’ Miranda. 

“We miss her and her crew. I mean, everybody top to bottom on the Miranda tour was so great. And you know, we were out there with Jerrod Niemann, too, so…Jerrod and I have known each other for a long time, and it was just a lot of fun.”

Young continues, “There was more of a family vibe than anything because we’ve all known each other. You know? The entire time we were out there, just had a blast, loved her crowds. The fans that came out were absolutely amazing, and you know, we’ve got a lot of people that have followed us from her tour that we’ll see pop up on Twitter say, ‘Ahh, we loved you on the Miranda tour — we’re gonna come see you here.’ So it’s really, I think, was a great thing, and you know, I’ve talked to Jerrod about it, too. We still kinda miss bein’ out there with Miranda. It was fun.”

He might not be on the road with Miranda, but you can definitely look for Chris on tour! Check out upcoming dates anytime on the tour page, here, on ChrisYoungCountry.com!

Chris’ latest album is NEON, which includes the title-track favorite as well as back-to-back number-one hits with the songs “You” and “Tomorrow.”  Pick up your copy of NEON at your favorite retail store or online at iTunes or Amazon.

4 replies on “Chris Young Misses Being Out On Tour With Miranda Lambert”

  1. Will always support Chris & his music. Chris is an amazing singer/songwriter. He never disappoints his fans.

  2. Chris Young and his band always put on a great show and most artist don’t sound as good live as they do on their album but Chris does… Even better actually! I was lucky to see the On Fire tour this yr on saint pattys day and Miranda Chris and Jerrod Rocked it! I’ve seen Chris Young 7 times this yr worth ever penny!! True Talent!

  3. For me, the whole fan thing kind of worked in reverse. I went to see the ‘On Fire’ tour because of Chris Young. I liked some of Miranda’s songs, but wasn’t really a true fan until I saw her live. She rocks! Chris will always be my favorite artist, bar none, but thanks to Chris, now I love Miranda, too.

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